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Cycle length changing?

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socktastic Wed 14-Feb-18 18:24:30

Hi all,

Is it possible for a cycle to change in length? I'm a bit confused.

I was a regular 5 seemed. Clockwork almost.

I had my wee boy over a year and a half ago and went almost immediately back onto the mini pill. We are now ttc #2 so I stopped the pill at the end of november. I had a period probably starting 29th December, then another one 21st January and I'm starting to come on again today which l0would suggest a 3.5 week cycle.

Is this normal? Will it make it more difficult to conceive with a shorter cycle?

physicskate Wed 14-Feb-18 18:34:13

You'll get more chances to catch the egg... so actually having a short cycle means a bit less waiting around!

Periods can change over time, both in intensity and frequency.

BHillary Wed 14-Feb-18 19:01:04

Mine were 6 weekly like clockwork,
Have my son, ha don't duaghter 11 months later went on the implant for a year got caught straight away with number 3 went in the Implant again.
Been off it a year and I'm having 7/8 weekly cycles bit convinced I'm ovulating and the doctor has done bloods and apparantly all my hormones are fine and that's just my body?
So they can change

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