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Alternatives to BBT

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howthelightgetsin Wed 14-Feb-18 10:30:46

I’m a fan of temping (did this with number 1) but it’s not working this time around. Only been temping again for a few weeks but it’s clear the numbers are just jumping around too much for me to see a pattern. Bedsharing with DC1 and we’re up a lot at night so this doesn’t bode well for me temping at the same time each day with a good amount of sleep before.
I’ve seen some adverts for wearable BBT trackers and such. Has anyone got one?

AuntTrotwood Wed 14-Feb-18 10:33:00

I swore by the internet cheapy ovulation sticks and basically used BBT to confirm. I wouldn't have been able to predict ov from my BBT but i did like to see the shift afterwards to confirm it had passed and we were into tww.

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