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TTC: Not pg - but where is AF??!

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Knittinggurl Wed 14-Feb-18 09:54:02

Hi all, I was hoping to get some thoughts on what might be going on with my cycle at the moment. I gave birth to my DD in June 2017 and we have been TTC again since Christmas as I will be 40 next month.

My periods came back after the birth in November and I'm now on my third cycle. When I conceived DD I had a 30 day cycle which was regular. My cycles since the birth have been 31 days , 28 days and now 36 days and counting.

I have been using clear blue OPKs this cycle and the precious one and had a peak OPK on day 17 of the 28 day cycle and day 20 of this current (36 day....and counting) which was pretty late. But I still have no AF on day 36. I'm definitely not pg as I've done a gazillion FRERs. A week or so ago I felt all sorts of twinges which I thought were either signs I was pg or that AF was on the way, but now I have no symptoms at all.

I wondered whether I've just missed a period and so thought I'd start with the OPKs again in case I ovulate again. Yesterday the OPK was negative but this am I have a solid smiley! Test pic attached. I've read on here that OPKs can be an indicator of pregnancy so I did an FRER this morning but there's not a whisper of a ghost of a line - and I'm really trying to see one! So I assume it's a freak result.

But does anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on? Other than that maybe I should step away from the tests for a few days?! I assume it might be my body just working things out post-baby but I'd love to get AF so that I can move forward to next month. I'm also on 100mg per day of Sertraline so I don't know whether that could potentially have an impact? I've been taking that for a year now. Thank you in advance and apologies for the length of this post!

Knittinggurl Wed 14-Feb-18 20:00:56


NoseringGirl Wed 14-Feb-18 21:08:44

OPKs can tell you that your body is gearing up to ovulate but it won't necessarily happen. So it could just be that your body is trying again. I found charting my temps a useful way of knowing if I'd actually ovulated.
I sympathise though, it's very frustrating when you expect AF but nothing happens!

Knittinggurl Thu 15-Feb-18 18:55:32

Thank you! I've ordered a thermometer from amazon to do the temping so will try that from tomorrow

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