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Short Luteal Phase

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BringMeSunshine0 Wed 14-Feb-18 09:14:02

Hi Everyone,

My DH and I are planning on TTC this year. I have been recording my cycle and physical/emotional symptoms on fertility apps since August last year and as of December I started taking OPK's and paying attention to my CM. This cycle I started taking my BBT and I'm recording that. My cycle is usually somewhere between 28-35 days (usually sways more to the 30-33 days on average).

So since using OPKs I have noticed that I ovulate on day 20 (this has been consistent so far) and I start spotting about 7 days later and then my period comes 1-2 days after. I now realise that I have a short luteal phase. I wasn't worried about having a longer cycle as I know that it is normal for some women but I didn't realise that my period was starting so soon after ovulation until I've been using these OPKs.

I don't know if I've just been unlucky and for the past 3 months I've had slightly shorter cycles than normal - maybe next month I'll have a 35 day and my luteal phase will be the average 12-14 days after I ovulate on day 20. But, according to my "data" for the past 3 months - I am a little worried.

Is there a chance I am not even ovulating at all? I have received "peak" on my digital OPKs but I am worried maybe I am not actually releasing an egg after my surge of LH? This cycle I am tracking my BBT and my temp appears a little higher since I "ovulated" so maybe that is a good sign.

Obviously we haven't started TTC yet so I know I shouldn't worry/look into all of this before then, but I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences of short luteal phases and what they had to do conceive? Or if you have advice on what I can do to "at home" to lengthen them that would also be great - I am taking pre-natals already.

Thanks very much

MouseLove Wed 14-Feb-18 10:53:31

You don't have a short luteal phase. Anything 10 days and under should be an issue, as I have. You'll be fine with 12-13 days. Please don't worry. Remember to start taking your vitamins 3 months before you start TTC. X

howthelightgetsin Wed 14-Feb-18 11:00:19

But OP is saying she has an 8-9 day LP j thought?

BringMeSunshine0 Wed 14-Feb-18 11:09:33

That's correct howthelightsgetin - unfortunately not 12-13 days. More like 8-10 days.

Since I've been using OPKs, for some reason I have been having 28-30 day cycles (usually my average was more like 30-35) and my spotting starts about 7 days after my period. Then my period starts (small clots then onto a proper period) about 1 or 2 days later.

This cycle, I have started spotting today - 7 days DPO and I reckon my period could probably start tomorrow, or in the next couple of days.

My cycles have been shorted since I started taking my pre-natal vitamins which I find really weird. Coincidence?

I'm reading into everything now i'm monitoring my cycles which is inevitably not going to help when we start TTC I know...

BringMeSunshine0 Fri 16-Feb-18 10:39:20

I didn't get many responses on my post the other day, so thought i'd give an update and ask for any kind advice again smile

I am 9 or 10 DPO (my fertility apps have a day difference) and my period has started after 2 days of light spotting. I am therefore not in the "average" range.

I am really concerned that my Luteal phase is too short. This is the 3rd month of paying attention to OPKs, CM and BBT. I was blissfully unaware before.

Can anyone advise what the next step is in order to "fix" this for when I start TTC? Do I need to TTC for a while before I can take this to my Dr or should I speak to my Dr before we TTC? I had seen him for a pre-conception appointment and we realised my LH levels were slightly too high so I am currently taking something for that to bring them down to the optimum level. Obviously I hadn't started recording anything before then so was unaware about my late ovulation / short luteal phase.

For those that have had short Luteal phases - what has happened and what have you had to do to lengthen it?

Since my mid 20's I always had a feeling something was up with my cycles and I would have troubles conceiving and now I'm really worried I was right all along. I wish I had started TTC at an earlier age :-(

Thanks very much

physicskate Fri 16-Feb-18 10:43:31

Vitamin b6.

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