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Is this positive?

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ohfluff Wed 14-Feb-18 09:04:43

I had a little bit of a dubious result on a test yesterday and so re-retested with fmu.
Is this positive or an evap - it came up within 10 minutes.

DreamsTonite Wed 14-Feb-18 09:10:33

I can definitely see a line!

ohfluff Wed 14-Feb-18 09:19:07

Slightly stunned! Also, have no idea what CD I am as I got locked out of fertility friend at the weekend.

raraa Wed 14-Feb-18 09:37:46

Def a line there! Mine was the same almost 3 years ago! Congrats

ohfluff Wed 14-Feb-18 10:21:30

Thank you @raraa !

ohfluff Wed 14-Feb-18 11:32:34

According to FF, I'm on CD17 but I didn't have a proper AF 2 weeks ago, just 2 days of spotting. Very confused!

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