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Confused - will this turn into BFP?

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DreamsTonite Wed 14-Feb-18 08:48:00

Took a FRER just now - I did go to the toilet at 4am could that have affected my results?
AF was due yesterday and still no sign.
Am I tricking myself?
Took the test and could see the FAINTEST line so tried the phone light behind the test trick and there was a line but it’s so faint!
Had to hold the test over my lamp to photograph.

Does anyone else see it and could this be an evap or will it turn into BFP?? My first time using FRER.

I’m so desperate to be pregnant I’m scared I’m just seeing things

MissSophieB397 Wed 14-Feb-18 08:54:06

It absolutely could! Test in about 3 more days with another frer 😊 this is what my first frer bfp was and here is what it shows now! I'm almost 9 weeks now, good luck and fx for you 💞

MissSophieB397 Wed 14-Feb-18 08:54:57

Oh forgot to say - it definitely looks like a bfp to me - just test to see if it gets darker in 3 days xx

DreamsTonite Wed 14-Feb-18 08:56:39

At least I know I’m not going crazy and someone else can see the line! This would be my first time getting pregnant so I’m driving myself mad over it
Congratulations! Hope everything goes well for you flowers

MissSophieB397 Wed 14-Feb-18 08:58:48

@DreamsTonite I know how it is this is my first pregnancy too and it's terrifying but you'll be okay, it definitely looks promising to me just try your best not to test every day as I know it's so tempting but the best option is to wait a few days as it takes 48/72 hours for hcg to increase 😊 💜

OrdinaryGirl Wed 14-Feb-18 09:02:39

I can see a line. smile

PoopDeLaFruit Wed 14-Feb-18 13:11:53

There’s a bit of plastic behind the test that’s a line. When you hold a test up to the light you can see the plastic silhouette, can you take a picture of it not against the light?

DreamsTonite Wed 14-Feb-18 13:57:59


The line has completely disappeared now - even holding it up against the light there’s no lines at all so it wasn’t the plastic. I’m more confused than ever now!

DreamsTonite Wed 14-Feb-18 14:02:24

There was a very faint line originally without holding it to the light but it wouldn’t photograph - that’s why I tried the backlighting trick I’d read it on here

PoopDeLaFruit Wed 14-Feb-18 14:02:34

Oh, that IS confusing!

DreamsTonite Wed 14-Feb-18 17:53:11

Just done another test - BFN sad
Must have been a dodgy test or a bad indent line! Still no sign of AF, suppose I’ve got to play the waiting game for that now lol

MissSophieB397 Thu 15-Feb-18 07:14:52

@DreamsTonite ahh no you shouldn't do tests later in a day! You drink throughout the day which dilutes your urine. Early on you'll probably only see BFPs in a morning. Do another with fmu on Friday. Xx

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