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Calling all symptom spotters

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Seeinglines Tue 13-Feb-18 21:23:59

I’m currently 8dpo and I think I’m pregnant. Obviously too early to do a test yeah I did one any way and it was bfn so just symptom spotting til bfp or af turns up.
I had an early miscarriage at five weeks last month. I wasn’t going to do and opks this month but did one anyway positive opk on cd14 and cd16 negative on cd17.
But basically I’m having the same symptoms as last month. Some slight abdominal pain, some indigestion, really dry cracked lips, really emotional, really strange smell to my urine. All of which I had last month just before or around my bfp. Insomnia too, but I do work shifts so this could explain that. I just feel pregnant.
Anyone want to keep me company while we wait the week out?

winterwarmers Tue 13-Feb-18 21:27:27

I'm symptom spotting however, I think I'm gunna be out low firm and what feels like a slightly open cervix. Lack of cm but I have good temps.

Cakelaur Tue 13-Feb-18 21:39:02

I'm 8dpo of course did a test this morning bfn. I'll be testing each day until af or bfp!
Tingly boobs, hip ache, dry lips and hands, thirsty, and today mild cramps. All of which I had with last bfp a couple months ago which ended in mmc and erpc. So fingers crossed we get our bfp again.

Lillyjay Tue 13-Feb-18 21:41:56

Hi... I’m 7 days late. Should have come on Wednesday 7th spotted on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th (TMI coming up) went to change my tampon & there was a little bit of blood & lots of discharge. That’s it for blood. I’ve had cramps from Friday 9th still having them today Tuesday 12th. My moods have been terrible! Oh my gosh! Don’t know how my partner has put up with me! Nipples are really sore. Tired & peeing a lot. I kept feeling a bit sick physically on & off for about 2hours or so & then it would go away. Took a test Saturday 10th negative... still waiting now...what u think??

Cakelaur Tue 13-Feb-18 21:43:59

@Lillyjay TEST AGAIN!! Omg you have mega patience!! Haha. Sounds mega promising. 🤞

Seeinglines Tue 13-Feb-18 21:50:45

Oooh exciting we are all in this together!

lilly are you going to retest in the morning? I said I wasn’t going to do any tests until I was late after last month, but I’m convinced!

Those temps do look promising winter fingers crossed for you

cake I’m sorry about your mmc, it’s really shit. Fingers crossed it’s our month!

hcbaggs Tue 13-Feb-18 21:53:29

Hi everyone! I am currently 7DPO and feel like I am pregnant.
I have been pregnant before but a very long time ago and it feels similar to how I felt then. Lots of symptoms so fingers crossed for this month everyone!
Hate the dreaded wait to POAS! I think I'll do my first test on Sunday then maybe the following Sunday if no AF by then. AF due around 21st smile

Aventurescence Tue 13-Feb-18 22:20:47

Also feeling pregnant and keen to indulge in some symptom spotting! Am 9dpo today, going to test tomorrow morning and just see - who knows! TTC #2 and some of this feels familiar from last time but not sure if it's wishful thinking...

Symptoms- aching boobs, stomach cramps and twinges, very dry lips (didn't know this was one, had put that down to my cold!), Bit of an upset stomach, slightly short of breath, resting heart rate up a bit (on Fitbit though, might not be accurate!), bit stroppy and tired, though that could just be work!

Seeinglines Tue 13-Feb-18 22:30:22

hcbaggs you are so patient being able to wait til Sunday. I can’t even wait til Thursday grin
aventure I didn’t know dry lips were a symptom either until intense googling last month! Mine were awful last month and same again today. Really cracked in the middle and I can’t blame cold weather, I haven’t even been out!

Seeinglines Tue 13-Feb-18 22:32:19

I’m going to poas in the morning and see. When I used my internet cheapies last month they weren’t as clear bfp as the clear blue, but I can’t afford clearblue all the time. I’ll do a cheapie and see what it shows. I do have a frer left in the cupboard and a digital clearblue, but I’m saving them for if a cheapie shows any signs of a line.

pasbeaucoupdegendarme Tue 13-Feb-18 23:04:43

Hi all... I haven’t been on the conceptions boards before as I find it a bit intense! However... I am feeling a bit intense myself now so here I am 😂

No idea how many days P.O. for similar reasons - I don’t find it helps my mental state much to track too precisely. However... I’m pretty sure it was the weekend before last/early last week. I’m due af about Sunday although cycles a bit irregular.

Yesterday I woke up bleeding and was confused and a bit gutted (plus had to explain grubby sheets to 5yo dd 😳) However, although it was bright red blood it’s pretty much gone now apart from some brown stuff. I’m quite crampy and boobs are sore.

I’m not sure how early I can get away with testing? It which are the best tests to use?

It’s #3 we’re ttc so you’d think I’d know but my other 2 were “surprises” inasmuch as one was conceived on clomid which didn’t seem to be working, and the other was after a chemical pg or something which nicked my cycles about.

Am not sharing my obsessing with dh as he doesn’t get it so am hoping for some obsession sharing here!

RedWineAllMine Tue 13-Feb-18 23:05:17

I see the cervix question thing on pregnancy apps. How on earth do you know how open your cervix is? That's the only bit of info I haven't been able to fill in. Anyone care to enlighten me! 😁

hcbaggs Wed 14-Feb-18 04:03:34

Just woke up to a small amount of brown discharge, cramping and feeling quite nauseous. Now cue the constant worrying over whether it is the start of my period or implantation bleeding hmm

hcbaggs Wed 14-Feb-18 04:07:23

@pasbeaucoupdegendarme - from my extensive research (this is TTC baby #1) the Clear Blue can test 5/6 days before your period is due. If you know when that would normally be? smile

Cakelaur Wed 14-Feb-18 07:50:35

@pasbeaucoupdegendarme best test is frer... they are pink dyeX first response early
Response. They're up to 6 days before af but I use internet cheapies first then if I think I see a line then I'll pee on one of them.

I did poas this morning (internet cheapie) and not even a hint of a line. And I'm 9dpo for sure. But had cramping last night and this morning and I'm crossing everything for it to be implantation. Woke up to loads of creamy cm (sorry tmi) so who knows.

How'd the rest of you who tested get on?

Cakelaur Wed 14-Feb-18 07:51:27

@RedWineAllMine I know the basic context. You have a good poke around and feel for it, I've never been able to tell the difference so I gave up! Haha

Redrosebelle Wed 14-Feb-18 07:57:24

Hi all. I’m 10dpo today I think, having some nausea, trapped wind, abdominal twinges. This is cycle 7 of ttc2. Good luck everyone

winterwarmers Wed 14-Feb-18 08:45:59

tested this morning 8dpo negative, will tests again on saturday if af doesn't show then

flawal123 Wed 14-Feb-18 09:09:35


So my period is late. Took a test on Monday night and it was negative. I still haven't gotten my period but I have the pains.

My period is irregular but it has never been this late. Also I always seem to induce it if I have sex when it's late. I've had sex but still nothing.

I read about implantation cramps and I think I might be experiencing that. I have tender nipples but not breast. I am very tired no matter how long I sleep. I don't really want to give up hope that I'm not pregnant. Will test again on Sunday if I haven't gotten my period by then. Anyone else going through a similar thing?

pasbeaucoupdegendarme Wed 14-Feb-18 09:59:00

Gah. Ds woke in the night and then I couldn’t get back to sleep for hours.

More mucousy discharge streaked with red blood this am and still really crampy. Who knows?! Have recalibrated and don’t think I’m actually due af til Tuesday which is a whole two days more to wait!

Also my kids are really full of beans today so I’ve promised to take them swimming!!! I just want to curl up and sleep til I know what’s happening....

winterwarmers Wed 14-Feb-18 10:42:36

this is my chart for today smile

Seeinglines Wed 14-Feb-18 15:17:28

Just checking back in guys, been working all day.
I did a test this morning, still bfn. I know it’s still early days, but I’m worried that I’m imaging my symptoms now. It’s tough this ttc isn’t it?
Been a bit down and grumpy which could be the bfn, or my hormones. Either way I’ll poas again tomorrow and see what happens.

Seeinglines Wed 14-Feb-18 15:19:47

Wow winter that chart looks promising! Fingers crossed for you!
I haven’t been temping. Didn’t want to make ttc too intense for me, but this is month 8 for me now so if still not pregnant I might try temping next month.

winterwarmers Wed 14-Feb-18 15:21:45

i just hope my temps stay good tomorrow and friday smile did a frer this morning but negative

pasbeaucoupdegendarme Wed 14-Feb-18 21:58:27

I’ve bought three packs of 2 tests from boots (got to love an offer!) and I think I might POAS in the morning. It’s probably too early for the cheap tests but now I’ve got them I might as well use them...!

Am having a total panic now about whether I want to be pg or not. We were trying but as I already have two I wonder if I’m pushing my luck! Hoping the doubts are just crazy hormones, whatever those hormones might mean.

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