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raraa Tue 13-Feb-18 00:23:01

I'm now on cycle day 54, had multiple BFN including a negative blood test from the drs. I'd a strange spotting/bleed in Jan so I reset my Ovia to make it my af. This would mean that af should be here now but nope still no sign only brown spotting. I'm not on any contraception and haven't been for years as I wasn't in a relationship. My question is... what's the longest anyone has gone without af.

winterwarmers Tue 13-Feb-18 05:40:49

i went 125 days without af in august 2015 no explanation i was ttc that’s why i noticed i then had a 75 day cycle and then back down to normal and conceived

flyingplum Tue 13-Feb-18 06:58:22

Have you always been clockwork regular until now? I frequently have 50-60 day cycles, but I have obvious reasons (PCOS and endo cysts). My understanding is that frequent cycles of more than 35 days/4-9 periods a year is officially Oligomenorrhea, and is an indication that further investigation is needed. If it's a one off, it could just be a one off.

raraa Tue 13-Feb-18 07:43:15

I've always been like clockwork. With my first pregnancy I had what seemed to be af the entire way through, only found out I was pregnant because I'd put weight on, even then it was on the same date as af would normally be. I'm unsure of when to go to the dr for further investigation. The spotting this time has only lasted 3 days whereas last time it was 4 days. I have already had a blood test done at the drs and it came back negative so am I meant to wait longer or go back immediately? I should've really asked my dr, I just didn't expect it to come back negative because my cycles are exact each month

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