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Is this the green light??

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JollyRanchers Mon 12-Feb-18 23:21:34

Is the bottom stick the green light to DTD? grin

JollyRanchers Tue 13-Feb-18 07:48:41

Anyone? blush

cindersrella Tue 13-Feb-18 07:54:44

Sorry Jolly, nothing worse than no answers on a feed! What Does DTD mean? smile

Karigan1 Tue 13-Feb-18 07:55:43

Lol yes. But you don’t need a green light to
Do it just two people who want to ;)

Karigan1 Tue 13-Feb-18 07:56:57

Um that is presuming you want to get pregnant. If not then cross your legs.

cindersrella Tue 13-Feb-18 07:58:09

Ahh I'm guessing this is about ovulation then and trying to conceive? If the two lines mean your are ovulating then go for it! Good luck!

PinkAvocado Tue 13-Feb-18 07:58:52

I would for the next few days. I’m not sure it looks quite as dark as the control line but I’d be trying now!

CuppaSarah Tue 13-Feb-18 08:15:43

That was as dark as mine ever got, but some people have darker positives. So get shagging, but keep up the opks till they start to fade.

It'll take a few cycles to know what a positive looks like for you.

raraa Tue 13-Feb-18 08:39:53

From reading other posts your result line is meant to be stronger but get dtd anyway, it won't do any harm!

JollyRanchers Tue 13-Feb-18 10:11:00

I don't ovulate regularly so we did it anyway! I thought it was quite dark... fingers crossed

Karigan1 Tue 13-Feb-18 12:49:14

To be honest raraa it seems to depend on the test. My positives on cheap ones look like that. That’s why I usually double check with a clear blue and look for the smiley face. I like the smiley face as there’s no having to guess if it’s there or not lol

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