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If it's after 20 mins, is it a line?

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Purplelooby Mon 12-Feb-18 22:26:37

I'm 14 dpo have had tons of symptoms so tonight I sent DH for a cheapie test. After about 10 mins I dreamt a possible line but it wasn't convincing, then 25 mins after taking the test it looked like this. It's more definitely blue than the picture shows. Am I being overly hopeful to start celebrating?

Celebelly Mon 12-Feb-18 22:34:10

Blue dye tests can give bad evaps sometimes. I wouldn't trust in a blue dye 25 mins later. Get a pink dye one tomorrow and test again. Fingers crossed for you!

Bubblegum89 Mon 12-Feb-18 23:07:54

No. The time frame is 10 minutes, anything after that is considered invalid. Get a pink dye instead and read within the time frame

Purplelooby Tue 13-Feb-18 19:30:40

Thank you both foe responsing. I took your advice and bought a FRER - very clear and immediate positive! Cheapies are cheap for a reason it turns out...

pumpkinpieinmyeye Tue 13-Feb-18 19:32:59

Congratulations! Agree that FRER are the best - I was sceptical to start!

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