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Could I be?

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confusion39 Mon 12-Feb-18 15:50:54

I know no one will know as much as I don't..but is it even possible?

Had my new implant put in on the 4th of Dec. Had a couple of accidents prior to that (it had run out) and then slept together as soon as it was in.
The nurse told me to test 2 weeks after the implant was in and I got a negative.

However I am shattered..unusually so. Niggling tummy cramps but no af..just feel different? Is it even possible to be this far on..roughly 6 weeks after I tested. I haven't had a period for years due to the implant, maybe the odd bleed so a bit confused

Namechangedagain95 Mon 12-Feb-18 15:58:16

Do a test just to put your mind at ease. First Response and Superdrug’s own are the best ones

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