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Progesterone cream

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HopefulSmile14 Sun 11-Feb-18 22:39:23

So after nearly 2 years of trying to concive with no success I've ordered some progesterone cream to see if this helps I already have a 2year old but she's wants a baby brother or sister so badly and she will be amazing has anyone used this?

KeepingTheFaith9 Sun 11-Feb-18 23:04:56

Yes! I’ve been using it for about 2 months. No success yet... but I’m 43 so probably expecting a miracle. I had a 21 day test privately and it showed low progesterone so I thought I would give it a try (days 14-27)
Who knows if it’s going to do a thing but I’m at the point where I have nothing to lose... 🙏🏻 Got mine from Welsprings Health online. 😊 Good luck 🍀

HopefulSmile14 Mon 12-Feb-18 06:18:05

Thank you for your response I'm nervous to try it as scared it will damage me more than whatvi already am but it's worth a try last 6months of trying to concieve now as I'm due to start uni next year as I gave it up when I was 18 now 24 and want to try having a baby before I start my midwifery course so baby dust for us both hopefully

KeepingTheFaith9 Mon 12-Feb-18 22:57:01

Good luck Hopeful. You are young and wise to start early in respect of questioning why things are not happening. Hindsight is a great thing, if someone like me had spoken to my younger self at 24 and told me to be vigilant around my fertility I would not be where I am today, baby dust to you, and good for you for taking charge and planning your family earlier than later. 🙏🏻😊 x

physicskate Tue 13-Feb-18 09:08:28

Progesterone itself can literally do no harm. There are literally no negatives of taking it (I used to work in a hormone clinic for menopausal women). It's the other stuff in the creams, or synthetic 'progestogens' that can be a bit more worrying...

babyl0ve Tue 13-Feb-18 15:12:37

Which cream did you get and where did you get it from?

BifsWif Tue 13-Feb-18 20:44:05

My doctor prescribed cyclogest, if you’ve tested low for progesterone would this be an option for you?

HopefulSmile14 Wed 14-Feb-18 16:56:00

I have have to take cyclogest onve in pregnant I am considering making another appointment with my doctor to see what she suggests

BifsWif Wed 14-Feb-18 19:12:09

I was told to take it from 2dpo, my consultant said that waiting until I got a BFP could be too late.

Raise it with your doctor and ask for a prescription have at home if possible.

HopefulSmile14 Fri 16-Feb-18 05:52:18

I'm going to book in, but appointments at my gps can take up to 3 weeks. Times ticking for me as like I say I'm hoping to start university next year. So I'm keeping everything crossed in these next 7months, I get my bfp otherwise it's waiting another 3years,😔 but also I really do not think my doctor will give me cyclogest. As I'm a bigger lady. They always bring the weight up even though I'm dieting and trying to lose weight they will not see it like that

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