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Kearaleigh Sat 10-Feb-18 17:42:00

I had a baby 8 months ago, we have been actively trying for #2 since he was 4/5months (I know we are crazy)!
But I'm currently 21 days late and I'm never more then 5day late.
I feel more pregnant then I did when I was pregnant with my son (bloating, so exhausted, feel super sick ,boobs have seemed to doubled in size and are sore some times , little cramps like round ligament pains).

I've done probably about 10 tests all negative and all times of the day but still a negative. I've been reading a bunch of women who have still been pregnant and had negative tests. Could it because I had a baby recently and my hormones are still all over? Could I still be pregnant?

I have a drs appointment but I don't imagine they'll say much! In two minds about booking a private scan

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