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no BFP, CD28 and no positive OPK

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Cloud9889 Sat 10-Feb-18 15:07:06

Hi, I’m trying to conceive number 3 and wish I knew what as going on with my body. In all honesty I don’t ‘feel prwgnant’ I have irregular cycles and have been using opks this month most days and I’ve not picked up a surge at all only faint lines. I’m wondering if have missed my surge this month. My last cycle was 35 days but in the past I’ve had cycles ranging as long as 47 days. IVe had a negative pregnancy test today just wanted to see if anyone else’s has been in this situation and if you hav any encocouraging word and for getting a bfp or tips!

Daffodil77 Sun 11-Feb-18 08:16:42

I'd recommend temping. My ovulation day has varied quite a lot so it's difficult to know if I've missed the peak or it hadn't happened on opks. Temping will definitely tell you if you've ovulated so you can at least know if you can stop using opks. HTH

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