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Clearblue Digital OPK advice

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Miserablemouse Fri 09-Feb-18 09:31:51

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone had any advice about the Clearblue digital OPKs.

My cycle has been really irregular since coming off the pill last March. Since I started properly tracking them in May they've been 46, 16, 17, 41, 43, 40, 15 and 24 days.

This is my first cycle trying OPKs and I bought the Clearblue ones as they were on offer. As the last cycle was 24 days I started them on CD8 as advised, got two negative days and then have had the flashing smiley ever since - now on CD17.

My question is - if I'm going to have a longer cycle this month (40 days ish) will having started them early mean I never see the solid smiley peak? Would you carry on using them for the rest of the month or is there a number of days of flashing smileys after which it's pointless to continue?

When I pop the stick bit out of the holder to bin it I always have a little look at the second line and it doesn't seem to be getting any darker at all. Does that in itself mean anything?

I had some 'day 21' bloods done in December that indicated I wasn't ovulating, but obviously due to cycle variation I don't know that I had them taken on the right day. I'd just really like to have an inkling as to whether I am actually ovulating most months or not (although I know none of you can tell me that!).

Feel so daft to be asking as reading back this all sounds incredibly stupid but I'm new to OPKs and haven't really got a clue. Thanks so much in advance for any words of wisdom.

Daffodil77 Fri 09-Feb-18 20:49:31

I'd recommend getting the cheaper line ones from Amazon (the brand is one step) because your cycle is so long. I can't see why you wouldn't get a peak on the clear blue. I didn't ovulate til cd27 this time so feel your pain.

spugzbunny Fri 09-Feb-18 22:53:50

I personally don't rate the clear blue for people with longer cycles. The month I conceived I never got a solid smiley. I ovulated around day 20.

As pp suggested, I'd get a load of the cheap ones. They are positive when the 2 lines are the same darkness or the test line is darker. They'll always show a line. It's also a good idea to chart your temperature as it will confirm if you did ovulate - your temperature will rise.

Miserablemouse Fri 09-Feb-18 23:06:13

Thanks so much for your replies daffodil & spugz - much appreciated!

I will definitely order some of the cheapy ones for next month then, thank you. I’ve been trying to temp but I’m not very good at putting it in my phone or taking a photo while I’m half asleep so I’ve never managed to track it properly - will have to make a commitment to getting better at it!

Interesting to hear you conceived and didn’t get a solid smiley that month too - I should hold onto that chance for me too then this month!

Miserablemouse Mon 19-Feb-18 09:57:19

Thanks again for the replies everyone - as an update in case anyone else was new to the Clearblue OPKs, I finally got the static smiley yesterday on CD26!! So looking like a 41 day cycle.

I had been away all weekend and come home to find DH has a vomiting/diarrhoea bug so no sex for us last night. My temp has gone up this morning (but that often happens when I’ve been drinking and it was a heavy weekend - hen do!) so I’m hoping he will be recovered by the time I get home from work and we haven’t missed the egg.

newmum2018385 Mon 19-Feb-18 10:31:25

Another one with long cycles here. I again agree with the cheap ones from amazon they worked for me. It's hard isn't it when you just don't have a clue. I had blood test from the doctors which always said I wasn't ovulating because we got the dates wrong. Good luck hope it happens for you soon smile

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