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Low progesterone at end of cycle

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kikisparks Fri 09-Feb-18 07:12:49

DH and I have been TTC 14 months, one early miscarriage in August 5 months ago. Went to GP last night. I told her that I think low progesterone at the end of my cycle is the problem as I have an 8-10 day luteal phase and I’ve heard that can also cause early miscarriage. She was lovely but said they can’t test for that. She’s put me in for day 21 bloods (but moved it forward so it’s 7 days before my period is due) but says that will only show if I’m ovulating and not if my progesterone drops off later in my luteal phase.

Did anyone manage to get help for a short luteal phase/ low progesterone and if so what did you do?

WelshMammy123 Fri 09-Feb-18 09:01:04


I did get help but not on the nhs. My GP did the day 21 blood test for me and that came back as 21. She said that it needed to be over 30 to show I'm ovulating. I then had a scan which showed I was ovulating so I figured that progesterone was an issue. Went private and mentioned it to my consultant who gave me a prescription for cyclogest pessaries. Took them from day after ovulation to end of cycle. Fell pregnant on first proper month of using them (after a year ttc). I'm now 21 weeks. So because of my experience I think they really helped.

Incidentally I have a DD and it took us over 3 years to have her. We eventually conceived her the month after our ivf cycle failed. I'd used progesterone during the ivf as well and am convinced it was still lingering and helped then as well.

Hope all works out for you x

kikisparks Fri 09-Feb-18 13:14:55

Thanks so much Welsh that is super helpful. Congrats on your pregnancy!

I guess I’ll just have to see if progesterone shows up as low at the blood test and take it from there, willing to go private to get the right treatment if need be.

mamabear05 Fri 09-Feb-18 17:09:52

@kikisparks I have a feeling that low progesterone might be my issue as well. I'm obviously ovulating has have conceived twice in a row but lost them both, one at 6 weeks and the other at 5 so I have some progesterone but whether it's enough to sustain a pregnancy seems to be my query. @WelshMammy123 we are going to try one more time and if I lose again we are going to book an appointment privately. Would you mind me asking if they prescribed you straight away or whether you had to pay for tests first please and if you wouldn't mind sharing an idea of costs involved I would be most grateful x

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