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Do you see anything?

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MilsCookie Thu 08-Feb-18 21:54:29

Or are my eyes tricking me?

Stee1 Thu 08-Feb-18 22:08:24

I don't see anything sorry

MilsCookie Thu 08-Feb-18 22:10:43

Thank you!! I’m actually praying it’s negative 😬 I just have some other weird symptoms which is why I did the test. Brown/pink spotting a few days before I’m due (I’m due on any time now) and feeling more tired than usual. I could just be looking into it a lot more than I need to!

awankstainonhumanity Thu 08-Feb-18 22:19:51

That looks negative to me.

awankstainonhumanity Thu 08-Feb-18 22:20:24

Bit better can sort of see what you mean, but it isn't in the right place.

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