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Feeling fed up

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SpongeCake23 Thu 08-Feb-18 17:56:05

Coming into month 7, I can feel AF starting, 6 days late. I can't understand it. I have a textbook 28 day cycle normally. I feel close to tears because I feel like it's never going to happen. I know it seems ridiculous as most people on here have been TTC a lot longer than me, but I'm starting to feel really depressed about it all. It's all consuming every minute of the day and much harder because I work in a primary school so I'm around little kids all the time. It's like being teased on a daily basis 😔 I can't get a proper diagnosis either, because it's too early.
A close friend had her first scan today too. I found it hard to speak to her about it when she said 'I saw my baby today' sad I feel like such a horrible person.

I've never been pregnant before, so I wonder if it's my destiny never to be.

Sorry for the rant, I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself.

Merrz Fri 09-Feb-18 08:37:22

Aww i'm feeling exactly the same. No idea why but my last cycle was like that, usually bang on 30 days but was 36 last cycle. I'm beginning to feel soo down about it, i just can't actually imagine it ever happening now. Next cycle i will of been off the pill for a year.

I have lots of family having babies this year, due April, June and August. My cousin joked i need to jump on the band wagon for an October baby to keep the trend. I actually felt like i could of boked when she said it sad I feel like i'm distancing myself from people because i can't cope with the baby/pregnancy chat. I just want it soo bad.

I've probably just made you feel worse SpongeCake, sorry!

kikisparks Fri 09-Feb-18 08:44:02

Sorry to hear this. I’ve been up and down a lot over last 14 months TTC, it was quite hard 3 months ago when my best friend told me she got pregnant and said she had a dream she’d tell me she was pregnant and I’d say “me too!”. I’m so happy for her but it’s normal to feel a bit envious.

Try to be good to yourself, you’ve still got plenty of time to be in the 85% who get pregnant in a year and if not at least after a year you can go to the GP to start getting some answers.

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