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ferility consultant appt help please!

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Sunshine19 Thu 08-Feb-18 14:21:40

Hi everyone! I’m new to this and just wanted some inspiration / ideas on how to take charge of my fertility! My lovely partner and I have been trying for over 2 yrs now and sadly miscarried 4 mths ago.
We’ve had all the fertility investigations (all ok as can be) and I believe I got pregnant after HSG.
So now after the horrid time we had, cycles are all over the place & finally ovulated last month I’m fed up of the negative nancy that fails to give me that second line! 🤬 I’ve put on a lot of weight / eat rubbish and could be better to myself!
So next month I finally have that appointment with a top fertility consultant. He’s meant to be brutally honest about weight / age etc but he is the best in our area so I’m going to get fit again (when AF decides to show her ugly face) and lose a few pounds, keep drinking a tonne of water and see what he has to say? Any more advice would be welcome, my partner is out running as we speak! 😂
p.s sorry for the life story!

kikisparks Fri 09-Feb-18 08:40:10

Sorry about your miscarriage flowers Good luck not really got any advice as I’ve not got to that stage yet (just at blood test stage with gp) have you quit alcohol as they might tell you to do that?

Sunshine19 Fri 09-Feb-18 09:48:45

Thanks for your reply @kikisparks! Yeah I only drink now and then but over the two week wait I don’t drink at all. If anything it’s the bad eating that’s my downfall so I’m going to get back to the gym and eat better when AF shows her ugly self this weekend. How far on are you with your bloods and how long have you been trying? It’s not easy this fertility stuff is it? Spent my youth trying to avoid getting pregnant and now it’s the other way round! Xox

Teetotal2018 Fri 09-Feb-18 09:59:40

Sorry to hear of your misscarrige, I had an ectopic so I understand how heartbreaking it is. I think it’s a great idea to get fit and loose weight. That’s what made me feel good after I recovered from surgery. But why wait till AF? Start today! I recommend weight watchers and ‘yoga with Adrienne’ on YouTube. Good luck 💐

kikisparks Fri 09-Feb-18 13:23:41

@Sunshine19 trying for 14 months, had one chemical 5 months ago. Only saw GP yesterday and getting day 21 bloods taken next month. It’s definitely not easy! I try not to stress out but it’s so hard, I cry when AF comes most months (but I tend to feel a bit down then anyway.

What age are you? Are you taking folic acid and vit D every day?

Getting fit and eating healthy is a great idea, I’ve been watching what I’m eating more and trying to do more exercise since Christmas.

Sunshine19 Fri 09-Feb-18 14:27:52

Thanks for your reply Teetotal2018 I’m so sorry for your loss too. It’s heartbreaking isn’t it, hugs and 💐 to you too! Yeah ur right why wait! Is weight watchers easy to stick to? My main problem is eating take aways when I’m just knackered to cook from work on a Saturday night!
@kikisparks oh that’s a shame, so sorry for your loss too 💐 it’s not easy but you do tend to Cope somehow. I get like that too when AF comes, more so when we have done a lot of baby making during fertile week and then nothing. I’m 37 and feel like it’s taking forever to happen. If only we could know when it’s going to happen then we can relax but I have no patience whatsoever so yeah, exercise could help my mood too. Xox

Teetotal2018 Fri 09-Feb-18 17:18:44

Sunshine19 I like weight watchers and the app has a forum which is really supportive. I’ve started batch cooking because I had the same issue with takeaways. So I’ve got my freezer stocked with healthy home made curry’s, soups, bolognaise etc... that I can just pop straight in the microwave 😊

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