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Not sure what to do.

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DrNameyMcchange Wed 07-Feb-18 20:20:00

Name changed as very sensitive!
Me and DH are currently trying for DC2. I'm desperate for DC2, DH is keen, but no way as invested as me.
Have DD2 - conceived accidently on holiday. Noton an contraception, but DTD 2 days after I thought I'd ovulated.

So the last 2 cycles we've done the deed on what I thought was my ovulation date, (and other times around date too) but no joy. Ovulation date counted using period tracking app. I'm now wondering if I should track my ovulation with tests, as I think I might be ovulating later than I thought.
DH get's stage fright a bit, when he know's I'm ovulating. No problems at any other time in our sex life, but if I think I'm ovulating, he finds the pressure a bit much. Sometimes he's said he doesn't want to, as he finds it too unsexy sad
So I'm worried that if I track my cycle, and find that I'm ovulating NOW, and then DH senses that pressure, he'll not want to DTD, we'll miss the boat and I'll be devastated, and blame him (unfairly).
Maybe it's better to just randomly DTD from now on, as DD1 was conceived?

Anyone got any advice?

SoozC Wed 07-Feb-18 20:24:25

Dtd every two or three days after af finishes for about three weeks (if you have a regular 28-ish day cycle) and that will cover ovulation without you having to pinpoint it exactly.

lizabes Wed 07-Feb-18 20:35:09

Do it every couple of days like SoozC said or possibly take the tests but agree not to tell him when you are ovulating.

seven201 Wed 07-Feb-18 20:48:48

If I were you I'd just take the ovulation tests (I discovered I ovulate about a week later than I first thought - i have a slightly short luteal phase) and not tell your husband so he doesn't feel the pressure.

BifsWif Thu 08-Feb-18 11:31:36

Agree, take the ovulation tests but don’t tell DH. I always got a positive in the afternoon not morning so test twice a day when you think you’re due to ovulate.

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