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Seven seas tablets delaying period?

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greatbiggiraffe Wed 07-Feb-18 19:24:05

Has anyone found the seven seas trying for a baby tablets seem to lengthen their cycles? I'm normally around 27 /28 days but am now on day 31 with no sign of my period. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and all definitely negative (not a hint of a line) . The only thing I have done differently this cycle is trying those tablets. Thank you

Owlpatrol Wed 07-Feb-18 19:25:35

I'm not sure what's in those but I started omega 3 last cycle and mine extended 2 days as well confused

PurlPurl Wed 07-Feb-18 19:25:54

Not really helpful but I found these amazing for regulating my fairly long and unpredictable cycles. Maybe it works the other way somehow if yours are usually spot on

greatbiggiraffe Wed 07-Feb-18 19:50:03

I'm going to go back to folic acid and vitamin d! Don't want to be getting my hopes up every month for no reason confused

physicskate Wed 07-Feb-18 20:03:14

I've been on these boards long enough to see this complaint from time to time... I've never taken Sven seas though.

MamaL86 Wed 07-Feb-18 20:14:41

Mine lengthened by a few days when I took them for a month. I switched back to folic acid

Tattybogle89 Wed 07-Feb-18 20:17:24

YES! They extended my cycles by nearly a week, BUT! Even though i was regular, after starting ovulation sticks, I found out I had a short luteal phase and was ovulating much later in my cycles than it would be assumed, and had been totally missing when to have sex.. crazy!

greatbiggiraffe Wed 07-Feb-18 20:20:19

Maybe I should fish them out of the bin Tatty grin

Tattybogle89 Wed 07-Feb-18 20:52:13

Maybe.. I think they were trying to regulate my cycles, I swapped to pregnacare as wasn’t sure what to do and conceived not long after. Could have been a coincidence though

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