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At least 1 day late BFN

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BLM18 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:55:39

Just after advice . I was due period yesterday or day before. I have had period pain , mostly back ache for 2 days now but no period or signs of it. Achy pain kept me awake last night even took pain killers and was sure would wake up with af. Took a test today and it was bfn. This was only a cheapie test but said it was 99.9% accurate after missed period .

Stomach feels odd, yesterday had sharp pain that last a second but getting some strange feelings either by belly button but also either side.

Does this sound like anyone’s experience? I know I just could be unusually late , been logging periods since last June and always had a period by now each month. Thanks in advance

Teetotal2018 Wed 07-Feb-18 20:47:22

It’s a tough one, some women don’t get a positive result till a week after thier period. You may have ovulated later than you thought or you could just be late. I was 10 days late last year. I sympathise it’s so frustrating not knowing x

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