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Is this an evap

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mummyof288 Wed 07-Feb-18 09:47:34

Hi is this positive or an evap please came up within 2 mins

Teetotal2018 Wed 07-Feb-18 10:05:49

Oh that’s a tricky one as it doesn’t look in the right place. Can you get a FRER x

xLeanne128 Wed 07-Feb-18 10:22:18

Defo looks like a line but agreed it looks like it's in the wrong place. Have you got anymore tests? X

holzyb20 Wed 07-Feb-18 10:46:15

Is this an asda test by any chance I had that exact line on mine! Same place x

mummyof288 Wed 07-Feb-18 10:54:56

I've not got any more. Yeah it's an Asda was yours an evap? X

holzyb20 Wed 07-Feb-18 11:05:04

I have no idea I done a boots brand test yesterday and had a possible faint line but really unsure it's a waiting game! X

mummyof288 Wed 07-Feb-18 14:56:51

@holzyb20 good luck let me know how you get on x

unicorncow Sat 10-Feb-18 13:02:37

Have either of you tested again since?

holzyb20 Tue 13-Feb-18 10:51:14

Hi just came to check back and see how you got on? I'm going for blood tests tomorrow as still no period! X

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