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OPK question?.

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ontono3 Tue 06-Feb-18 13:41:16

So according to my app and my usuall cycle I should either ovulate tomorrow cd14 or the next day cd15 but tests are all light I had darker lines after my period but I'm starting to think I'm not going to ov this month only came off the depo injection 5 weeks ago ☹

Stee1 Tue 06-Feb-18 14:20:20

Injection takes a while to leave your system I think?

ontono3 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:30:31

I've heard that to and other people comes out quick not sure what's going on

ontono3 Wed 07-Feb-18 14:12:14

Bought the clearblue digi opks and got a crappy blank face feeling disappointed now

Stee1 Wed 07-Feb-18 14:19:01

You will always get a blank face when you use it for the first time. May be better off investing in cheap opk in till you know your cycle

ontono3 Wed 07-Feb-18 14:27:13

I've got cheap ones to my cycle is usually very regular and always ovulate between cd14 and 16

Darkstar4855 Wed 07-Feb-18 15:41:54

When you say you “came off” the depo injection 5 weeks ago do you mean that was the last time you had it or that was when your next one was due?

ontono3 Wed 07-Feb-18 16:03:03

That was when my last one was due so it's been 17 weeks since I last had one

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