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Li1y Mon 05-Feb-18 20:51:02

Hi, Just wonder if anyone can help I’m 6 months pregnant with a boy. I am single and it was unplanned but i am happy and excited.

I slept with the father 2 days before I ovulated, a few times in one night, no contraception...... so when I realised I was pregnant I knew it was him. Although we are not together he is excited and wants to be part of the child’s life.

My problem that is really now stressing me out is the following, I slept with another guy 3 days prior to the above (so 5 days before I ovulated) with a condom & he didn’t ejaculate (he actually couldn’t cos of medication) but the condom broke he withdrew immediately and we didn’t continue. How lightly do you think it’s could be this guys baby? There might of had some pre ejaculation?

Celebelly Mon 05-Feb-18 21:09:05

Very unlikely. I still think you should get a DNA test to verify but I'd be very surprised it was the other guy's.

Li1y Wed 07-Feb-18 22:42:59

Thanks Celebelly, I think that too...... i have to stop stressing over it, not good for the baby

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