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TreasonsAllRen3w Sun 04-Feb-18 19:33:31

I noticed a change in my cm a few days ago so thought I'd start using OPK's to see when I'm ovulating. Used these with my first and they worked just normal cheap line ones. My cm is still egg whitish but a bit more watery (tmi) so I haven't ovulated yet and the lines are still very faint. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me how many tests they did before their opk read positive? I've just come off the pill 2 weeks ago and had no af and I also have polycystic ovaries so no idea a out my cycles. Do opks read negative with no second line at all then the closer you get to ovulation, the second line is faint then gradually gets darker (indicating ov?) Any help/advice appreciated! 😁

xLeanne128 Sun 04-Feb-18 19:36:39

Egg white CM is my sign of ovulation. Everyone ovulated on different days my last cycle was day 26 I did fall pregnant but sadly ended in MC. I stopped taking pill in November. OPKs can always show a second line it is when the test line is darker/equal to the control it is a positive. Try DTD every other day to be covered. Your cycles could be all over especially after pill and PCO don't give up xx

TreasonsAllRen3w Sun 04-Feb-18 19:49:05

Thanks 😁 with my first child I used opks and I remember they'd be blank for a few days then gradually a line appeared until the test line was darker than the control line. I'm just impatient I feel I need to know what's going on so I at least know where I am in my cycle x

xLeanne128 Sun 04-Feb-18 19:54:39

I know I'm the same. It's very difficult to separate knowing what is happening within your cycle and becoming a nutter weeing on multiple sticks daily haha. Goodluck xx

gossipgirl28 Sun 04-Feb-18 20:51:08

I'm on CD11 and today I noticed EWCM. It's the first time I've really noticed a change to my CM.

It's my first cycle trying after having my first AF on Jan 25th. I stopped my pill in Dec 2017.

I've done 2 OPKs today (am and pm) no line at all. Can I expect a positive OPK in the next couple of days after seeing a change in CM? Xoxo

TreasonsAllRen3w Sun 04-Feb-18 21:11:48

I would imagine so. It was only because I noticed a change in my cm that I started using the opks so soon. Fingers crossed for you! X

gossipgirl28 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:43:46

Got a positive OPK last night at 10pm CD14 and another positive this morning at 6am CD15. Just tested again and it's now negative.
Looks like my surge was overnight!

DTD last night at 7pm and then will DTD again tonight.
DTD on CD 9,10 and 11 also.
Hope this is enough. Xoxo

rascal1987 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:47:39

I tested 4 times yesterday and all negative then at 10pm last night I got what I thought was a positive, have just tested again now and think this is still positive? I didn't have any gradual lines as such just these all of a sudden and really faint or not there every other time

rascal1987 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:49:53

This is my first cycle using them so definitely don't know what I'm doing blush

TreasonsAllRen3w Thu 08-Feb-18 14:26:50

Looks positive to me good luck! Mine seem to be getting lighter but I've only been off the pill 2.5 weeks. No real cycle prior to this as pill stopped all periods since I was 17 ish x

rascal1987 Thu 08-Feb-18 14:34:22

@TreasonsAllRen3w it took me a couple of months for my cycle to return to normal, fingers crossed it all sorts itself out for you quickly and you get your positive OPK

gossipgirl28 Thu 08-Feb-18 16:39:16

@rascal1987 looks like we both got positive OPKs last night at 10pm!

I'd say that one looks positive too to me! Some people have a longer surge apparently whilst mine was only positive for 12hours.

Do you mind me asking how much you have DTD in your fertile week? Me and my OH missed CD12 and 13 (the 2 days leading up to my positive OPK)

Is this your first cycle trying? Xoxo

rascal1987 Thu 08-Feb-18 16:58:16

@gossipgirl28 we aren't currently trying to conceive at the moment so haven't DTD this week, just trying to work out my cycles at the moment whilst off the pill.

If you got your positive last night I would say DTD for the next two days. They say to DTD three nights in a row after getting the positive

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