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TTC #1, Cycle 1. Anyone In?

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jemimafuddleduck Sat 03-Feb-18 22:27:48

Hi all,
Longtime lurker, occasional commenter, rare poster here.
DH and I decided to start to TTC after much deliberation recently.
I've been on the pill for 16 years and haven't had a natural period in that time! Had my withdrawal bleed which started on 15th Jan and think I may have ovulated on Thursday 2nd Feb. I was doing OPKs (I know - first cycle, but if I'm going to do it, I'm going all in!) and got an almost-positive then - didn't have any more OPKs with me to test slightly later in the day.
DTD numerous times in what I'm estimating is my fertile week (working on the basis that my cycle is 28 days but don't really know at the moment).
So now the waiting begins.
Anyone in the same position or want to join?
Advice and your stories welcomed!

Teetotal2018 Sun 04-Feb-18 08:08:29

I’m TTC number one but I’m on cycle 16 (with and ectopic and tube removal in between that time) is it still ok for me to join? 😊. I’ve been using OPKs and the ovia app to track my ovulation. Had a positive test for the past 2 days so i’ve Been grabbing my husband 😂 almost in my TWW fingers crossed this is my month 😁

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 08:47:41

Hi Teetotal! Yes of course you're welcome. Sorry to hear about your MMCS and ectopic. Fingers crossed for you this cycle!
Do you mind me asking how old you are?

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 08:48:22

Oh sorry, misread - don't know where I got MMC from hmm

gossipgirl28 Sun 04-Feb-18 10:18:00


I'm TTC #1 and on cycle 1

Currently on CD11 and have been using OPKs since CD9. All have been negative so far but over the last 2 days I've been getting EWCM.

I only stopped the pill mid December and got my first AF on 25th Jan. presuming il have a 28day cycle (I did 8 years ago) not had AF whilst on the pill at all. I'm also using the ovia app to track.

Hoping to get a positive OPK over the next 3 days! What days in the cycle have you other ladies got a positive?


Teetotal2018 Sun 04-Feb-18 10:18:43

Hi thanks, I’m 32 so need to crack with things 😂 I’ll probably visit my GP if things don’t turn out well this cycle but fingers crossed I get my BFP. It’s good to stay positive with all this TTC business 😊

peachesarenom Sun 04-Feb-18 10:44:12

I'm in! Starting from scratch post mc! If that's ok?

Unicorn234 Sun 04-Feb-18 10:57:34

We are in the same situation!😊 I had my last withdrawal bleed on the 16th Jan and I'm using ovia app to see the days I might of ovulated 🤞 if I have ovulated as ovia predicts then I would of ovulated around the same time as you 😊 fingers crossed for both of us 😁

Teetotal2018 Sun 04-Feb-18 11:40:16

Fingers crossed for us all ladies 😊

melissafrancis Sun 04-Feb-18 14:06:49

TTC #1 Cycle 1, but coming to the end and I think AF is starting. Good luck for all!!

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 14:43:55

Hi all!
Yes I'm using Ovia too - like I said things are a little up in the air at the moment as haven't had a first proper cycle yet. I'm fully aware that it'd be really unusual for me to get pregnant straight away but I'm still hoping and will be disappointed if I don't - that's crazy isn't it?!
Ovia have a prediction of ovulation on 28th Jan but as I said I think it was closer to the 1st Feb, so we'll see.
Would be lovely to have you all along for this journey, no matter how long it takes...

Teetotal2018 Sun 04-Feb-18 15:06:39

OP you are not crazy, I’m disappointment every month - including the first. It’s so up and down xxx

Celebelly Sun 04-Feb-18 15:13:37

I'm on cycle 2 - had a chem preg cycle 1 last month so feeling confident that we can at least get pregnant, hopefully! Just waiting for fertile window to begin. I'm 32 too! Good luck everyone.

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 15:18:39

Teetotal - I'm thinking maybe everyone secretly thinks they might be the lucky one who gets pregnant first go?! After all you spend a lot of your life actively trying NOT to...!

Celeb - Sorry to be a complete newbie but what exactly is a Chem and how do you know you've had one rather than an actual positive? Fingers crossed for cycle 2 for you - when are you due?

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 15:19:06

PS - I'm also 32!

Celebelly Sun 04-Feb-18 15:26:19

A chemical pregnancy is when you have a miscarriage very soon after the egg has implanted. They're really common and usually just show up as a period, sometimes a day or two late. You'll know if you test before your period is due and get a positive result, usually fairly faint, but then start bleeding a few days later. If you don't test early, you'll probably just assume it's your period.

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 16:00:05

Ah ok that makes sense. So you know pretty quickly then and it's obvious. I've seen a few people mentioning them but I kept wondering how they knew it wasn't a true pregnancy blush

melissafrancis Sun 04-Feb-18 16:54:05

@jemimafuddleduck - to add to the chemical pregnancy thing, not that I've had one (as I posted above TTC #1 Cycle 1 - but AF arriving I think!)...I think that people test perhaps quite early as if you catch a faint line, then every 48 hours if you see if darkening it's a sign that all is going smoothly, and if you catch a faint or fairly clear line and it gets fainter, then you're able to have knowledge that you may have had a chemical pregnant, which is sometimes helpful/hopeful - as people say, atleast the getting pregnant was possible. Good luck with your cycle! Hope our journeys to baby aren't too long x

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 18:13:21

Thanks Melissa, good to know.
Have you been on any contraception before TTC?

melissafrancis Sun 04-Feb-18 18:48:08

@jemimafuddleduck - Cycle 1 - Day 1 was Jan 11th and I decided to come off of the mini pill - Noriday on Jan 15th, as my AF was coming to an end. I used to be on combined pill but 5 or so years ago (when I was 21, I'm 27 now) I had a blood clot in my right calf and found out I have a blood disorder Factor V Leiden. Sorry I made the story long! But basically after that had to be just on mini pill as the estrogen is a risk factor. How about you? X

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 18:56:13

I was on Mercillon, the one where you take it for 21 days then have a 7 day break. I've been on it, or similar, since I was 16. I was also quite lax at taking it sometimes and at least once a cycle would forget to take a pill. I've never been pregnant so am a little concerned that I may have issues. Probably not, just paranoid...!

cjones1234 Sun 04-Feb-18 19:39:53

Can I join in?
Been littering for a few weeks but first post.
I'm TTC #1 cycle #1.
Had my implant removed on 25th Jan.
Spotting for 7 days after that, not sure if that is withdrawal bleeding, it was very light?
CM has been nonexistent so I'm guessing I haven't ovulated yet. Hoping that I get a normal period in a few weeks but guessing that it might take a few months to get a proper cycle.
Going to take a test on the 24th if no period but without much hope!
Baby dust to all! smile

Pinkfruit Sun 04-Feb-18 19:52:51

Hey! Also cycle #1 of TTC. came off pill 20th Jan , had withdrawal bleed 23rd Jan for 6 days. Also been using OPKs but so far nothing ...

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Feb-18 20:16:07

Hi Pink and Jones - the more the merrier.
I don't have a clue about CM - I've done a bit of research but keep forgetting to check and not really sure what I'm looking for anyway confused
All this stuff is so confusing.
I had the implant years ago and was told by the nurse to use protection when I had it taken out as the hormones leave your body within 24 hours so you may get your cycle back sooner than you think!
Which OPKs have you all been using? I've got the cheapy amazon ones. I thought maybe I was a bit mad to be using them so early in my journey, but it seems I may have found my people grin

cjones1234 Sun 04-Feb-18 20:55:20

I'm not really sure what I'm looking for with CM either, if I understand correctly though, in the run up to ovulation it's quite wet down there (tmi sorry!) and fairly obvious, I hope at least!
I keep thinking about opks but think I'll wait till I have a better idea of my cycle otherwise I'll spend a fortune on them taking one each day!

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