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Another 'why' ??

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lakehouse Fri 02-Feb-18 20:07:04

Trying to conceive baby no 2... this month sex at the right time and ovulated (according to clear blue)

Got to period due day, no period and tested using FRER. BFN. Now 5 days late, have had big heavy boobs for 5 days and very milky discharge (heavy enough that I keep thinking it's my period). Still testing negative so pretty sure I'm not pregnant but no idea where my period is.

I'm not stressed but don't understand what's happening- has anyone had similar and it turned out to be PCOD or early menopause? Or could I still be pregnant even with expensive tests saying no 5 days after period was due?

Hopehope20 Fri 02-Feb-18 20:44:17

Yes you could be. My best friend just found out she is pregnant. She is 2 weeks late and has had negative tests for all of those 2 weeks until a positive one this morning! Your symptoms sound hopeful so I have my fingers crossed for you

lakehouse Fri 02-Feb-18 20:52:29

Really? That gives me hope, thank you 🙏 Last time I had a positive test straight away so this is so strange!

Hopehope20 Fri 02-Feb-18 20:56:45

It is really hard to think that each time you are pregnant it is the same but each time it can be so completly different. I have to say, I know loads of people get positive tests before their AF is due but actually most people I know in person have not gotten positives until they are late. My friend who I mentioned before was testing every day and using all tests (FRER, CB digital and non digital) and all were negative. It was the CB digital that finally picked it up. Do you know when you ovulated?

sazzle3 Fri 02-Feb-18 21:07:27

@lakehouse I'm in the same positions as you but I will be 12 days late tomorrow. I'm losing the milky discharge so much i feel like my period had come but it hasn't when I check it's just the milky discharge. Done loads of tests all negative. I'm at docs on Monday (will be 2 weeks late then ) for bloods. Found out today I have a kidney infection. I'm holding hope that I will get a positive very soon or a positive blood test. My last period was 23rd December. Xx

sazzle3 Fri 02-Feb-18 21:11:27

@hopehope20 did you say your friend was 2 weeks late was it on the 14th day she got the positive. Did she test fmu or anytime of the day. Did she have many symptoms. Sorry for all the questions lol. It's driving me crazy I have never once been late so 12 days late tomorrow for me is out of the blue for me xx

lakehouse Fri 02-Feb-18 21:13:49

I ovulated 20 days ago so should be enough time to see hcg?! I'm convinced I can't be pregnant but worried at the thought of what it could be instead...

Hopehope20 Fri 02-Feb-18 21:17:59

@sazzle3 don't apologise....I am only 2 days late and am going insane so can't imagine how you both feel! Yes it was the 15th day she got the positive and was testing fmu each time. She was beside herself thinking there was something wrong with her and her doctor was very unhelpful. He just told her that she must have missed a period because if the tests are saying negative then she isn't pregnant. She was going to stop testing but just did another one last time today for the hell of it. Her only symptom was feeling really bloated. If you are never late but are now 12 days late surely the odds are stacked in your favour?! I look forward to updates! The milky discharge is definitely a strong symptom

sazzle3 Fri 02-Feb-18 21:26:53

@hopehope20 nope I am never late. Was it a clear blue digital she used after the 2 weeks? I'm gonna buy one and use it on Tuesday that's when I will be 15 days late lol .Yeh one of my docs wasn't helpful she said just come back when it's 2 weeks late and we will take blood. I've just been put on antibiotics today for a kidney infection ( i never suffer with uti ever but had one with each of my other pregnacys) . Been late is driving me crazy not knowing xx

sazzle3 Fri 02-Feb-18 21:27:32

I'm also bloated, Can't stop peeing and constipated xx

Hopehope20 Fri 02-Feb-18 21:32:59

I know you won't want to be getting your hopes up but it is so hard not to. If I was you, with those symptoms I would be convinced I was pregnant and I personally think you are by the sounds of it. Yes it was a Clear Blue Digital she did this morning then has had a positive FRER this evening too. I was pregnant last year but it didn't last, bloated and constipated were my main symptoms (Oh and the night before my BFP I cried for 2 whole hours without being able to explain to my other half what the hell was wrong with me...I just wanted to cry!) Do you know when you ovulated?

sazzle3 Fri 02-Feb-18 21:40:01

I don't no hunni. Every month I have have tracked ovulation with opks but November, December and January I didn't ( think I took 2-3opks the whole of January) as I didn't want to get obsessive over it like I have other months. Has your friends had any thing like pulling or pinching sensation I have been getting them on and off for a few days only lasting a few seconds at a time maybe 2-3 times a day. They don't hurt like xx

Hopehope20 Fri 02-Feb-18 21:49:05

Not that she has told me but I have done hours and hours of reading of symptoms online by now and that is a very common one. Obviously it is different for everyone but yeah the pulling/pinching is commom. I also read about women actually still not getting positive home pregnancy tests even at their 12 week scan!

sazzle3 Fri 02-Feb-18 22:02:25

@hopehope20 thanks hun. Well I get bloods Monday so hopefully will have answers Soon.
My auntie said she got negative everything bloods ans test with 2 of hers and she didn't find out till she was 6 months gone with 1 and 7 n half months with another. I just want to know. We have been trying to conceive for a full year xx

Hopehope20 Fri 02-Feb-18 22:26:03

The wait is so horrid, by this point you just want good news or to be able to restart the next cycle. Try to keep positive and hopeful, distract yourself if you can. Let me know how you get on Monday xx

lakehouse Fri 02-Feb-18 22:56:50

Unbelievably my period just arrived 😔 Was holding out hope but now it's over for me. Best of luck to you...😘

Hopehope20 Sat 03-Feb-18 07:14:18

@lakehouse so sorry to hear that. Be kind to yourself xx

sazzle3 Sat 03-Feb-18 08:29:49

@hopehope20 I've woke up this morning with with what I can describe as a blocked nose lol xx

Hopehope20 Sat 03-Feb-18 14:19:49

@sazzle3 ha! Well weirdly though load of people complain about congestion and colds in early pregnancy (Yes I am good at clinging into straws but it is true!)

sazzle3 Sun 04-Feb-18 14:31:06

Still nothing @hopehope20 I'm 13 days late today. I've bought a clear blue digital to take either tomorrow 14 days late or Tuesday. Just went out for food with my hubby was busting for a wee ( had about a zillion today) and just as I was walking out felt funny and threw up. Went back to my hubby and ate my dinner lol xx

Hopehope20 Sun 04-Feb-18 18:18:24

@sazzle3 how weird, and again....more pregnancy symptoms! Fingers crossed with the CB! Keep me posted x

sazzle3 Sun 04-Feb-18 18:51:33

Thank you. I'm at docs tomoorw for bloods. 14 days late tomorrow. Xx

sazzle3 Sun 04-Feb-18 18:53:51

And haven't threw up any more. Ive had a 2 hour sleep when I got home like lol xx

sazzle3 Mon 05-Feb-18 13:03:52

Been to docs today she wants me to put in a pregnancy wee sample to send off to test that's what protocol is at my docs if it comes back negative then they will take blood on Wednesday. Feel constantly sick and still weeing loads. I took a wee sample in today and I've Still got an infection. I will crippled over with pain last night crying when ideas trying to have a wee. Had to take painkillers the pain was that bad. But then fine this morning when i woke up. Just had 9 wees by 10am lol xx

Hopehope20 Mon 05-Feb-18 13:17:17

Omg @sazzle3 that sounds so awful for you. Did the doctor think the infection could be delaying your period? So you just need to wait until Wednesday now? I hope your day continues to be pain free xx

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