Ava Fertility Bracelet (feedback, reviews?)

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felicityheather Mon 22-Jan-18 10:40:41

Hi ladies,

Would love to know how people have got on with this bracelet? Is it worth the £200 price tag?

Many thanks x


Hi everyone! If, like OP, you're after an Ava bracelet to track your cycle, you can get your hands on one here. MNHQ.

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Cake20189 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:32:30

Bump, I would be interested in this too. I’ve spent more than that on OPKs alone....

Miserablemouse Mon 22-Jan-18 12:24:51

Another bump here as also intrigued.

felicityheather Sat 27-Jan-18 20:06:56

Guess no one uses it!!

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Cake20189 Sat 27-Jan-18 20:59:30

felicityheather no I guess not, perhaps it’s because they are new?

Llondbol Sat 10-Feb-18 13:21:07

I'm curious about this too - read a few people's comments on the Glow app and they seem positive...

NoseringGirl Sat 10-Feb-18 14:00:22

I have one! It just arrived yesterday though so not used it long enough for a proper review. It seems pretty cool though. I woke up to a load of data about my body from over night. It feels like a more accurate way of getting a BBT than a thermometer in the morning. I'm really looking forward to seeing what it picks up over the next few cycles.


felicityheather Sat 10-Feb-18 16:26:10

Hey @NoseringGirl think I recognise you from the February bus?! I bought one too! Still waiting for it to arrive, ordered it nearly a fortnight - how long did yours take? X

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WelshMammy123 Sat 10-Feb-18 16:34:50

I have one too! Used it for about 5 months and started to see that there might be an issue around ovulation so went for some tests. Turns out I was ovulating - or at least did the month I had the scan - but my progesterone was low. Was given cyclogest and then fell pregnant. I've not used it during the pregnancy although I know you can do so now. It is expensive but like a pp said you can spend a fortune on ov tests without even realising it. I'd recommend the bracelet and the Facebook page is very supportive as well.

As an aside when I was asking questions about it a while ago I didn't get any responses as it's so new over here!

NoseringGirl Sun 11-Feb-18 00:30:50

@felicityheather I was indeed on the feb bus! I think it took nearly a month to arrive. I emailed them the other day and asked why it hadn't been dispatched yet. They were really apologetic and said they'd had a stock shortage but some had just come so they'd be sent out the next day. It arrived about 3 days later. I think it came from Germany?
Worth sending them a message about it!

NoseringGirl Sun 11-Feb-18 09:15:37

If anyone is planning to buy one, I can give you my referral code for £20 off the price. Just drop me a PM.

NoseringGirl Tue 13-Feb-18 13:35:17

Discount link here if anyone is thinking about buying it...

Llondbol Tue 13-Feb-18 14:18:47

Thanks @NoseringGirl I'll take a look 😊

felicityheather Thu 15-Feb-18 07:52:08

@NoseringGirl it's finally arrived. Right in the middle of my fertile week so the values are all over the place with no baseline! I'm temping also to try to follow what's going on.

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NoseringGirl Thu 15-Feb-18 11:17:28

Apparently it can take a few cycles to get to know you but also a few nights wearing it to get accurate data as it learns about your sleep patterns.
Have you joined their Facebook group? I've learnt loads on there!

felicityheather Thu 15-Feb-18 16:34:23

Is it good? I don't really want it all over my Facebook that I'm ttc

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NoseringGirl Thu 15-Feb-18 17:08:42

It's a closed group so your posts won't show to anyone outside the group and it's just called Ava ambassadors so it doesn't really give anything away if someone sees the band. You need your order number (or email address you used to order your bracelet) to get in as well so it's fairly secure.
I find it quite useful, there's general TTC posts but also a lot of stuff that's specific to using Ava.

felicityheather Thu 15-Feb-18 18:14:44

Ah ok thanks. I might give it ago.

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Ellanatin Tue 27-Mar-18 12:47:05

Hi ladies any update on the Ava fertility bracelet? Thinking of buying but don't want to waste money? 🤷‍♀️

NoseringGirl Tue 27-Mar-18 13:36:30

I really like mine! I get excited to look at the data every morning. Even just for temping, I find it much more accurate than just BBT. I'm only on my second cycle and even though my cycles vary in length, Ava is already getting my predictions pretty accurately. It's all very clever.
There's also a Facebook group you can join when you've bought one that is really helpful.

felicityheather Tue 27-Mar-18 13:43:46

Hey! I'm on my second cycle too... I like it but it is a lot of money. I like that I don't have to wake up the same time every day to temp etc. I'm having a crappy long annovulatory cycle but no issues with Ava - just my ovaries!! The Facebook group is pretty good too.

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felicityheather Tue 27-Mar-18 13:47:44


My link for £20 if anyone wants

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felicityheather Tue 27-Mar-18 13:48:08

£20 off*

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Ellanatin Thu 12-Apr-18 01:07:26

I have had my Ava bracelet for a week now. Haven't had a period or ovulation etc yet I'm due on next week, but really enjoying reading my stats in the morning. Love that I can finally start to understand my own body better.x

Ellanatin Mon 30-Apr-18 10:30:35

Hi ladies another update on Ava. So my cycle is 30days which means as standard I am meant to ovulate on day 16. My Ava detected I should ovulate on day 14 according to my data (which was yesterday). Sorry tmi but I got the egg white discharge slight period like cramps and done a clear blue ovulation test and had the smiley face 🙂! I am sooo impressed with Ava already. Love it and well worth the money. It has however gone up to £249?! So my sis in law is gutted she didn't buy it sooner!

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