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Clear blue digital opk questions

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RowenaDedalus Sat 13-Jan-18 13:50:43

So I have only just started ttc and I didn't actually comprehend how the clearblue advanced digital tests worked until too late...!

Had my copper coil removed Monday when I was day 13 of my cycle and my flo app suggested I would ovulate Tuesday. I took an ovulation test and didn't realise that you're meant to start much earlier- just totally too keen as I didn't even read how they worked! Obv got blank smiley as it was the first test.

Following two days I got flashing smilies. Realised I had probably already ovulated earlier in the week anyway so it was silly to keep using them but I was interested so used them until today when I got a solid smile.

Do you think this could be a genuine positive for ovulation even though I started using them too late? It's day 18! Thanks for the help. I also know it's suggested not to use ovulation sticks when you first start trying as I will probably become obsessed, but to be honest I'd prefer to know whereabouts in my cycle I do actually ovulate.

Celebelly Sat 13-Jan-18 13:53:23

I'd imagine that having coil removed could have delayed your ovulation/cycle so it's entirely possible.

Your cycle might change now you're not on BC and Flo can only guess at when you ovulate based on previous cycles (which may not be relevant now you're off BC).

Celebelly Sat 13-Jan-18 13:54:28

Also I routinely ovulate around CD 17/18 as I have a 33-35 day cycle usually..

RowenaDedalus Sat 13-Jan-18 13:55:54

Yes you're right. Can't remember if my cycle changed at all when I had my coil put in. According to my flo the last six months' cycles have varied between 27 and 32 days anyway. So it's good to know it can be later

Celebelly Sat 13-Jan-18 13:58:39

I like the digital CBs but they are pricey - I bought a job lot of cheapy internet strips so I could pee on them obsessively and then only use digital one if I thought I had a positive (or was getting close to) on the cheapy ones. Might be a tip to save money while you're finding out what your new cycle is like as it's expensive doing the digital ones if you start early in cycle.

RowenaDedalus Sat 13-Jan-18 14:02:25

Well I thought I would do that but then it says to start testing early in the cycle! I might just use the cheapo ones next month and worry about the expensive ones further down the line

Celebelly Sat 13-Jan-18 14:05:30

Yeah I think it says to start around CD10 but if you're like me and don't ovulate till later in your cycle, then it gets expensive. Particularly if you're like me and have to do it multiple times a day cos you're a loon blush But I wanted to err on side of caution as I've never charted before, so I found the cheapy ones let me pee on them multiple times a day without feeling guilty, and then I had digital ones to back them up when it looked like things were happening.

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