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Need a little bit of advice very odd! 😳

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babylovexo Fri 12-Jan-18 21:14:28

Hey everyone me again!! Hope you are all enjoying your Friday!!

I started a thread the other day about some "symptoms" that I was experiencing such as EWCM sore boobs, erect Nipples, dizziness, touch of Nausea and cramping etc etc

Af was due today and funnily enough she decided that she wasn't going to show so took a digi test (only one I had available) and it was BFN 😔 So I ruled out every opportunity and carried on with my day sat here this evening and I become very dizzy again eyes feel like they're about half a second behind my brain (if that makes sense) and then I get this sudden wet sensation (sorry tmi) and think oh here we go AF has arrived go to loo and when I wiped it was just thick lotion like CM no pinkness to it nothing.
The other weird thing that happened (not entirely sure if this is anything to do with it or not) I get a searing, itching sensation on my back and come up in a huge rash like stinging nettles on the top of my back almost like hives? Not sure if it's a symptom or not but just seemed weird as this all happened within an hour!

Just looking for some advice really if anyone has ever experienced anything like this before, whether there is still hope or if I'm a definite no go this month! 😂😂

Thank you everyone and good luck to all of you TTC xx

Pumpkin18 Fri 12-Jan-18 21:23:03

Only way to tell is do do a frer no point speculating smile take another test x

AmazingGrace16 Sun 14-Jan-18 00:00:17

Test! smile

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