Coming off Cerelle

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AD23 Sat 06-Jan-18 23:44:10

Hi all,

New to 'MumsNet' so not too sure on how it all works but I was posting to see if anyone on here has experienced the same symptoms as me.... I have tried looking for posts on 'Cerelle' but all of them are really old....

I recently finished my last pack of pills on the 16th Dec. The following day I had a two day bleed and then stopped for 12 days and had another two day bleed, which I was assuming was the withdrawal bleed? But in the mean time I've become SO spotty, my boobs are agony, I'm always bloated and I keep getting heart palpitations. I have come off the pill because I wanted to give myself a break and let my cycle go back to normal before me and my partner start trying for our first baby.

Bearing in mind I have been on this type of pill for 2 years with NO periods I'm worried they aren't going to come back easily....

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? How long did it take you to get back to normal?

Thanks in advance 😊💁🏻

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Armygirl Sun 07-Jan-18 07:01:09

I stopped my mini pill in July but didn’t have my first period until September and they’ve been fairly regular since. When I first came off the pill I had cramps and heavy sore boobs, all fairly normal symptoms associated with stopping the pill. It can take 6 months to a year for a cycle to be regular again.

Babydust18 Sun 07-Jan-18 09:53:02

I stopped mine on October got my periods back after 28 days. They are still settling down and range between 25/28 days. The symptoms after coming off made me feel like a crazy lady 😂 I experienced the same symptoms as you. Good luck with ttc in the future. This month will be our first cycle 😊

mumready Sun 07-Jan-18 10:07:27


I stopped cerelle nearly 4 weeks ago on 11th December 2017 after deciding to TTC. I had no periods on cerelle and have had no bleeding at all since.
Had very sore and heavy boobs xmas week and lower back pain this week but that's all.
Think I'm just going to do a test each month as no idea where I am in my cycle at the moment. Not had a period in about 7 years but prior to that they were very regular every 28 days.
Been taking pre pregnancy supplements since stopping cerelle.

DTD lots over last 4 weeks- is it too early to test next week? X

Armygirl Sun 07-Jan-18 10:23:02

Mumsready it’s posdible to ovulate as soon as you stop the pill so it wouldn’t be too early to test if that was the case. Good luck. 😊

AD23 Sun 07-Jan-18 10:49:09

Aaaaah! Exciting times ahead for you BabyDust18, its so strange as the majority of the symptoms are similar to pregnancy symptoms... We have been using protection so I know I'm not but it makes you doubt yourself! Just can't wait to get back to normal so I can start planning ahead...

MumReady; You Stopped taking your pill roughly around the same time as me... I had similar symptoms over the Christmas period, my boobs felt the same and my back was hurting... It got to the point where I couldn't lay on my front in bed because they were so sore hmm But we have been using protection so I'm fairly positive I am not pregnant! I've had a couple light bleeds during December, which again you haven't!! So maybe you could be? I'm not up to date with how all the cycle works just yet... but testing each week can't hurt!

Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing all of it!

Sending lots of baby dust to you all grin

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mumready Sun 07-Jan-18 12:20:47

Think I might do my first test tomorrow morning as it will be a month exactly off the pill!

Feeling nervous, excited and anxious though....I know it's very early days and it's most likely going to be negative but you never know! 🤞

AD23 Sun 07-Jan-18 12:31:20

Make sure you keep us updated!

Good luck 😘

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Blondcat Sun 07-Jan-18 12:42:46

I came off cerelle in September and have had similar simptoms on and off each month since. AF has shown up when she likes you just think you have a pattern (24 days) then she changes her mind again this month was two days later just about to take a test and bam here she is. Positive thoughts for the new year it's the start of a new cycle so fx this is the lucky one.
Goodluck with your ttc journey.

LifeOfRiley63 Sun 07-Jan-18 22:13:56

Hi @AD23
I have been on Cerelle for 3 years with no periods and stopped taking it on 20th October. No withdrawl bleed and no period yet, its been 11 weeks so driving me mad!
In the first month I had every pregnancy symptom under the sun and was 101% convinced I was pregnant! Lots of BFNs convinced me I wasn't.
I'm (im)patiently waiting now for my period or a BFP!

AD23 Mon 08-Jan-18 11:17:57

Hi @LifeOfRiley63,

Omg! I bet it's driving you mad, I still haven't had any sign of my period but it hasn't even been a whole month yet... Fingers crossed to you for a positive test!

Let me know how it goes 😊

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mumready Mon 08-Jan-18 16:34:48

I tested today- 4 weeks off cerelle and I was negative as expected. Made me truly realise how much I want this!

Will test again in 4 weeks and DTD lots!

AE1902 Fri 10-Aug-18 22:27:30

Hello new to this so sorry for lack of acronyms!! I recently stopped taking Cerelle 8th June after being on it for 10 years. Had a bleed 5-15th July and nothing since... did a test and got a BFN, now just sitting waiting for AF. Anybody had a similar experience? Thanks!

Elzbelz20 Fri 24-Aug-18 12:35:31

Hey. I am also new to this but having the same symptoms as all of you ! I came off cerelle on the 26th july. Had been on it for 6 years with no periods. I have not yet had any signs of any period. It has been four weeks today.
It is reassuring to know you can still ovulate normally though.
Has anyone had any luck with periods coming back or concieving ?

Pinkgeorge Fri 24-Aug-18 12:37:54

I came off cerazette which is the branded version (was in for 10 yrs) and conceived twins after roughly 4 days !

jq28 Fri 24-Aug-18 12:43:30

I came off cerazette this week after about 4 years on this pill and 7 years on microgynon. Finally ready to TTC after getting married in December last year. Going to Las Vegas next week so that will distract us and hopefully have lots of time to make babies! Good luck to all.

AE1902 Fri 24-Aug-18 13:25:41

I stopped taking on 8th June, had a period 5-15 July and then nothing. Took a test and it was positive! Roughly 7 weeks pregnant I think! Good luck xx

gossipgirl28 Fri 24-Aug-18 14:45:36

Took my periods 6 weeks to return and now 9 months later I'm still TTC and my cycles are just about regular now xoxo

Mseddy Fri 24-Aug-18 14:48:56

I came off cerelle on 6th July, had a 2/3 day period on 5th August. I've been using the ovia app to keep a track of my cycles and when the app told me I was ovulation I was symptomatic. I had sore boobs, no appetite, crazy sex drive, and altered discharge (sorry tmi). Just my luck, my husband was working away over this time so won't be expecting a BFP this month, but I'm feeling positive that I've started ovulating straight away after being on the pill with no periods for so many years!

marie1987 Sat 25-Aug-18 10:49:28

I came off Cerelle 22nd of July as my partner and I are TTC and still not had my period, how long can it take to have a period? I have been on cerelle over 4 years.
It feels like the weeks are going by so slow at the moment

Elzbelz20 Mon 27-Aug-18 09:13:36

My period came back on saturday. So exactly four weeks, but read it can take longer after coming off cerelle.
Do you reccomend the ovia app Mseddy ?

Mseddy Mon 27-Aug-18 09:56:13

@elzbelz20 yeah it seems like a good app so far. It gives you a fertility score each day so you know the best days to try. And it has lots of choices for symptom tracking which I've found useful given I'm not used to all the weird and wonderful symptoms I'm having at the moment!

eljohnson2018 Thu 03-Jan-19 20:33:26

Evening lovely ladies, I have joined tonight after reading this feed. I have recently come off cerele I'm 3.5weeks off this pill now with no sign of a period and no withdrawal bleed. Over new year I have had symptoms of sore boobs, headaches, back pain and nausea. My husband and I are TTC and began to get excited when I had some of these symptoms , we took a test and sadly it was negative. Before I went on this pill I had the copper coil for 5 years and could always tell when I was ovulating how ever I haven't seen these signs yet. Should I be worried? When should I go speak to my doctor? I have been taking pre pregnancy supplements for over a month now. Is it bad I just want my period so I know were I stand? X thanks ladies in advance x

RLI1105 Tue 08-Jan-19 16:10:42

Hi everyone,

I took my last Cirelle on 30th December under the pretense of getting my cycle back on track so my fiancé and I could TTC this summer after our wedding. Going off other peoples experiences I thought this would be a good plan to stop me stressing but I'm already totally obsessed by what my body could or couldn't be doing!
My mum boldly talks about conceiving me and my sisters in exactly the month she wanted so she could have us at a time 'that suited her' and I grew up thinking everyone did that.
I also find I'm uncomfortable discussing my fertility with friends/family so if anyone wants someone to talk to about all this then feel free to give me a message. smile
I'd also be really interested if the people who posted in this thread earlier could give us newer ones and others reading this an update s to where they are now.
Thanks in advance and I hope it all works out for us all! xxxx

RebootYourEngine Tue 08-Jan-19 18:41:39

I have been on Mumsnet for years but never thought I would be posting on this thread. DS is a teenager.

My dp and I are looking at TTC this year. I am looking at coming off of cerelle soon. I have been on the pill since DS was a baby so I am worried that it may take a long time for my periods to come back.

Hope those who posted early on this thread have had good news flowers

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