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Thought I was out but AF only lasted half a day?

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justanotherday4 Sat 06-Jan-18 07:01:40

Wondering if anyone had had similar before? Currently TTC #2, been keeping an eye on my cycles and trying to get an idea of dates etc, I think due to EWCM i ovulated around 21/22 dec although with entering dates into app it tells me wasn’t until 26th and that AF is due 9th jan, giving me 32 day cycle which I think is about right. Anyway going by my own instinct I’m now 14dpo. Yesterday morning I had some light brown discharge, had put a pad on just in case as was heading into work, it barely covered half the pad (I am so sorry for tmi) but I was certain it was start of AF as was substantial enough but there hasn’t been anything else since. AF usually pretty heavy and nothing like what I had yesterday. Anyone any ideas? I’m thinking just random spotting? I don’t have any cramps which I get every month with AF. Had a BFN 2 days ago. And no symptoms but I never had any symptoms when pregnant with DS.

BluePheasant Sat 06-Jan-18 07:12:36

It could be result of an implantation bleed. I would probably do another test but bare in mind may still be be a little too early. Good luck!

justanotherday4 Sat 06-Jan-18 07:22:57

Thanks for reply ! I did have a similar spotting when pregnant with DS but it was 5/6 weeks in then. I am spending a fortune on tests so I’m really going to try and wait for a couple more days as I’m thinking AF could make her more usual grand entrance at any time although I’ve got 3 digital tests in the house which is very tempting lol

Bumsnetnetbums Sat 06-Jan-18 07:27:22

Do a test?

justanotherday4 Sat 06-Jan-18 07:29:54

I had a BFN yesterday morning so am trying to hold out - must buy cheapies so I’m not spending so much !

mellongoose Sat 06-Jan-18 07:43:48

Wait a week then test again easier said than done. My dates are similar to yours. Am also ttc #2. Last month I had every symptom going and convinced myself it was going to be a bfp. It wasn't.

This month I am trying to ignore my body confused until after af is due on tues/weds.

Good luck op.

justanotherday4 Sat 06-Jan-18 07:45:32

Good luck to you too mellongoose!! If only we could know either way instantly wouldn’t it be lovely lol

justanotherday4 Sun 07-Jan-18 16:23:53

In case anyone else every has a similar to question to my above one my af arrived today properly, just seemed to take a while to get started properly this month for whatever reason!

Bumsnetnetbums Mon 08-Jan-18 21:37:14

Any updates ladies? Best of luck

mellongoose Tue 09-Jan-18 12:14:31

Nothing for me yet. Due today. Fingers crossed!!

Bumsnetnetbums Tue 09-Jan-18 12:36:12

Good luck x

mellongoose Tue 09-Jan-18 15:37:14


Last month I was symptom spotting every day and did a few tests on the run up. I was absolutely convinced I was pregnant. I was really disappointed when af arrived.

I've had much better will power this month. I don't feel any different. I have no symptoms. I haven't tested. What will be, will be.

I'm 41 so .... blush

mellongoose Sat 13-Jan-18 19:22:21

AF arrived this morning. 3 days late. I was just beginning to think....maybe?! sad

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