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Any success stories with just one embryo transfered?

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Siane Tue 24-Apr-07 15:50:28

Hi - we just cycled again and only made 1 embryo which got put back in yesterday.
Has anyone had any joy with just one? I know that stats are lower and our consultant was trying to persuade me to have 2 put back in during stimms due to this but with a 16 month old, 3 step children and a husband who works away I wasn't convinced. We were going to do blastocyst but things didn't work out and we had this little one put back in after 2 days.
I'd love to read any success stories if anyone has any?

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moominsmummy Tue 24-Apr-07 21:49:39

sorry haven't got a success story as such as I am just in the 2ww from 1st ivf cycle and we only put one back in as well!
am sending you loads of positive vibes
when are you due to do preg test?

NotanOtter Tue 24-Apr-07 21:51:11

my mate got pg with 1 put back
13 months later she gave birth on friday to a 'natural' number2!! good luck

Siane Wed 25-Apr-07 08:13:20

Hi Moominsmummy - good luck too, you! I'm testing on 9th May, which is actually 2 weeks and 2 days after transfer. Unsure why they gave me that date now..I'm sure I'll do my own test much earlier though, I did last time even though they tell you not to! When are you testing?
Thanks Notanotter - your mate must be shattered! I swore I wouldn't have any more when mine was a few months old but now I'm dying for one..

moominsmummy Wed 25-Apr-07 17:43:40

my testing date is 4th May - also 2 weeks and 2 days after embryo replacement
can't believe consultant was trying to persuade you to put 2 back in - they are supposed to be cutting back on multiple transfers. Mine was quite reasonable when I said to only put one back in but they were all a bit shocked at the decision and it did throw them for a while
will try to resist testing before the day and will try to ignore any symptoms - have been v hungry and have indigestion for last week but that's all after the sedation which just made me sooooo hungry when i woke up.
trying not to comfort/distraction eat either

wishing1 Fri 27-Apr-07 05:27:29

my friend had 2 eggs put back in and one of those split!!!!! She just gave birth to triplets last week, one egg doesn't always mean one baby

Siane Sun 09-Aug-09 09:07:35

I've just realised I never updated this worked! 18 months ago. So for anyone else out there - keep the faith. Elen is a bonny, sturdy little girl and an absolute joy. x

duchesse Sun 09-Aug-09 09:17:41

wishing- same thing happened to my friend last year! Two embryos, had triplets. They're fab!

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