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MJordan Mon 18-Dec-17 08:42:26

Hi all.
I got my BFP last night after 5 months of trying. Still in shock!

My clear blue test says I am 1-2 weeks and my hubby & I are guessing conception was around 1sr December. However, I haven't had a period since 21st October. I took 3 negative tests end of October/ early November. And then had blood drawn last week at doctors to check for thyroid issues due to my irregular cycles and all came back clear but the doctor never mentioned I was pregnant!... only until I had a weird feeling last night and decided to take a test and I got a clear immediate positive.

Based on conception on 1st December, my app is telling me I'm 4 weeks pregnant - but how is that possible if it hasn't been 4 weeks since 1st December !?
Trying to arrange appointment with my doctor now, can anyone tell me what I can expect?
First time pregnancy!

Also, over the festive period - how do you keep a pregnancy secret!? Seeing lots of family and friends and if I am 4 weeks along I really don't want to tell anyone! Help!

TheDowagerCuntess Mon 18-Dec-17 08:44:33

They date pregnant from the day of your
last period, so usually two weeks before you conceived - hence 4 weeks pregnant.

Congratulations! 🥂 Ah, I mean flowerswink

TheDowagerCuntess Mon 18-Dec-17 08:45:32

*they date pregnancy

DailyMaileatmyshit Mon 18-Dec-17 08:50:26


Either be the designated driver or take a glass of wine, pretend to sip it and just don't drink it! Making any sort of excuse not to drink is always suspicious. Another good one is to have one drink (such as the glass of wine, which you never drink) then state you aren't feeling it as you had a heavy one the night before.

MJordan Mon 18-Dec-17 09:07:50

Haha thanks ladies- I'm hosting a Christmas party on Saturday. My husband said to make an alcohol free prosecco punch and have it on the table, slightly unfair to the guests thinking they're getting alcohol though, right? 😂

Hard to say when I'm pregnant from as my last period was 21-25 October! So I'm just shocked we even got pregnant from that. I had been feeling like I was in limbo awaiting this period!

Fingers crossed I'm slightly further along that I think I am! Xx

HoneyCake86 Mon 18-Dec-17 09:21:09

Just say youre on antibiotics and was told to stay off alcohol. Worked for me. Congratulations fsmileflowers

lennyloo82 Mon 18-Dec-17 09:37:01

Congratulations! Don't say antibiotics- as soon as anyone says that I automatically think they're pregnant! I took a beer bottle, emptied it and filled it with water and no one ever noticed it or you could drink soda water and lime with a wedge of lime in it and it looks like G&t xxthanks

misshannah Mon 18-Dec-17 09:41:35

Congrats, also got my BFP yesterday, also in shock!

I went alcohol free a few months ago so don't have the same problem. You could always make yourself a mocktail and pretend you have some spirits in it? Are children attending your party? If so have an alcohol punch bowl and a non-alcoholic punch bowl for children. If they look similar nobody will ever guess!

MJordan Mon 18-Dec-17 09:52:20

@misshannah eeekkk congratulations !!!

Yes kids will be there, punch bowl seems to be best idea. Also I'm hostess serving food etc so hopefully people will just assume I am too busy serving and not notice me not drinking! Lol. X

MJordan Sat 23-Dec-17 08:04:41

Hi again ladies,
Just a quick, slightly paranoid question!
Having my Xmas party tonight and all I can find that is close to alcohol free is "less than 0.5%" on champagne...
my plan is to do one bottle of this champagne with a bottle of elderflower and throw in some raspberries into a nice festive punch bowl to mask my pregnancy!
Is "less than 0.5%" ok? ... I know it will also be really diluted with the elderflower but I am just first time pregnancy and asking a lot of questions! Lol.

Thanks. X

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