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Valley16 Thu 14-Dec-17 09:10:04

I'm not sure if I'm imagining this, it came up pretty much right away. I'm not due on for a couple of days.. What do you girls think?

HoneyCake86 Thu 14-Dec-17 09:11:50

Positive x

Valley16 Thu 14-Dec-17 09:13:32

I'm going to get an frer and try to hold off testing for a little while, just in case it is possibly a false positive x

Valley16 Thu 14-Dec-17 09:30:26

I know they're apparently bad for false positives so I'm on the fence hmmsad x

HoneyCake86 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:27:52

What dpo are you x

Valley16 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:38:42

Well I'm due on Saturday but I hadn't used ovulation sticks this month so I'm not too sure but it would of possible been the 27-29th x

HoneyCake86 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:42:04

Given youre not far from being due id say its looking positive. I would do a frer though cos of clearblue’s reputation atm x

PinkAvocado Thu 14-Dec-17 10:45:07

I wouldn’t say that’s a squinted. Looks positive to me. I’ve not seen a false positive before-I’ve seen people post some that look like evaporation lines but this doesn’t look like that. As soon as I got one that looked like that, I got a digital to confirm it.

Bendyandtheinkmachine Thu 14-Dec-17 10:46:38

Looks like a positive to me too x

CrossFreelancer Thu 14-Dec-17 10:48:07

Definitely positive. I didn't even have to open the image to see smile

Valley16 Thu 14-Dec-17 12:04:17

Thanks ladies! I'm trying not to get exited! I need to do another test in the morning until I can believe it x

PandaEyes2 Thu 14-Dec-17 16:03:39

That's definitely positive. You don't get false positives! Congratulations

Valley16 Thu 14-Dec-17 16:43:31

Thank you pandaeyes! I've just bought two digital early detection to do in the morning smile x

PandaEyes2 Thu 14-Dec-17 17:41:45

Aww good luck @Valley16 definitely post them in the morning smile x

Valley16 Thu 14-Dec-17 18:15:46

Well ladies I just did a clear blue digital.. it said pregnant! It won't let me put up the picture but yep, looks like I'm pregnant x

KatieKookaburra26 Thu 14-Dec-17 18:17:46

Congratulations!! X

PandaEyes2 Thu 14-Dec-17 18:28:06

Congratulations!! X

Valley16 Thu 14-Dec-17 20:14:40

Thank you so much! I'm very cautious but me and dh are so happy x

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