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Anxiety after miscarriage

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Niketan Thu 14-Dec-17 06:53:43

Hi. I had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks back in October. Since then I thought I was doing fine but in the last two weeks I've felt overcome with anxiety. I'm not even really sure what I'm anxious about I just feel down and anxious about everything, particularly at night.

We adopted a street cat about 4 weeks ago and I seem to be directing all my anxiety at her poor thing.

I'm pretty sure it's some kind of delayed reaction to the miscarriage. DH is a get up and get on with it type and just keeps saying I must be tired OR that its all ok because we have each other. I know that I'm incredibly lucky to have him and I don't want to create issues but can't help feeling he doesn't understand.

Am I going crazy or is this kind of anxiety to be expected? Anyone else with a story to share?

VanillaMincePie Thu 14-Dec-17 07:00:27

flowersflowers Hello sweetheart.

It's perfectly understandable. I cried randomly for a month after mine. You are experiencing a bereavement, never forget that, so be gentle with yourself, both emotionally and physically. I tried to do a Pilates class and I had no energy and then ended up sobbing in a corner.

What has happened is that your future has been ripped away. So, take the time to grieve for your lost baby, take each day at a time, treat yourself a little each day (long soaks in the bath, favourite film etc) and focus getting your body ready for your next pregnancy.

I had 3 miscarriages and lost a twin in the womb. But my surviving twin is now 10 years old so keep positive. I k now lots of people who has a miscarriage so tell yourself that it is nature, not you.

flowers and brew

It's OK to cry xx

VanillaMincePie Thu 14-Dec-17 07:02:14

Also, you're anxious about the randomness of the miscarriage. Take each day at a time x

flumpybear Thu 14-Dec-17 07:26:39

Agree with above. You've lost a baby, but also you've lost those dreams you had for the baby that you'd dreamed of. It takes time to get over it. Are you trying again?

I found when I was pregnant with my own children after miscarriages I was really on edge, but things went relatively smoothly. I think what I'm saying is don't let it consume you, things are most likely to work out just fine, it may take a little time though

sophherts Thu 14-Dec-17 07:42:54

@Niketan it took me about 6 weeks to feel anywhere back to normal (for me) after my mc and I still think about it everyday.

Someone said to me that you don't have to justify your feelings, let your brain and body go through whatever it needs to and it will recover in it's own time. I also went to speak to a therapist which really helped to unburden my brain and I felt drained but much better after.

So sorry for your loss x

Niketan Thu 14-Dec-17 07:45:35

Thanks so much - its such a relief to be able to talk (type) about it. We haven't been actively trying but thinking about starting again this month. I have kind of mixed feelings, partly scared and partly excited for what a new opportunity might bring. x

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