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Laparoscopy and Hysterocopy - when can I DTD

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pixielove123 Wed 13-Dec-17 08:00:42

Hi there,

I had a Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy yesterday. Pamphlet that I took home says not to DTD for 10 day's. But if I ovulate on the CD14/15 like I have for the last couple of months it falls on day 8/9 of when I had the op. I'm thinking that if I feel fine and healthy to try give it a go on the 15th which will be day 9. And hopefully just catch that egg. Anyone else had this and has been told day 9 is fine?

I'm going to start with OPK from CD11 like I usually do. If it falls earlier then I'll have to skip this month but just cause my mind won't stop thinking about it was hoping some of you wonderful ladies could offer some advice.


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