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Ovulation and breastfeeding

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Thecaravan Tue 12-Dec-17 02:07:42

Bit of an odd question but is there any way that you can 'induce' ovulation when breastfeeding? I have a 9 week old DD but am 40 years old so DH and I want to try for number 2 asap. I don't want to stop breastfeeding yet as it is working really well so am wondering if there is any way either through medication or naturally that my body can be made to ovulate again?
Thank you!

Haggisfish Tue 12-Dec-17 02:19:22

For lots of people, it is night weaning. Tbh I don’t think it could really be gone until 6months old if you want to ebf, but wiser people than me may say differently.

ZigZagandDustin Tue 12-Dec-17 02:25:19

No, sorry OP but you can't override the body's most basic functions. As Haggis said you would be best to try and make large gaps in your bf day. You shouldn't need to stop completely but you could start mix feeding to see if you can get your body to ovulate. You'll struggle probably to have much of a regular cycle and ovulation timings possibly but you should start to ovulate if you have an 8hr ish period in each day where you don't feed.

LaBelleSausage Tue 12-Dec-17 02:49:20

If you express your milk in the evening and then use that through the day, that should give you a decent 8 your window.

Is that an option?

Thecaravan Tue 12-Dec-17 03:41:38

Thanks everyone. Good to know. So maybe with expressing I could create a long enough window of no feeding in order to help kick start ovulation. DD is generally going 7 hours at night (for now at least wink) so if I had an expressed feed ready for when she woke then could use that to go longer between actual feeds. Do you think that would work?

ZigZagandDustin Tue 12-Dec-17 04:17:38

Try it. But wxpressing itself founds as a feed so make sure you're creating a proper gap.

Haggisfish Tue 12-Dec-17 15:51:42


piglet81 Tue 12-Dec-17 16:52:36

It's one of those things that varies massively - some women get their periods back by 6 weeks postpartum even exclusively breastfeeding, but for others it takes very much longer. Blessing/curse depending on your situation, and you say you're keen to TTC again soon. Your baby is still very young though, so do bear in mind that cutting back on feeds could have an impact on your supply and consequently on baby's weight gain so you may want/need to think about combination feeding, which works well for some mums. Good luck smile

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