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Trying for a little one

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Moneypenny89 Mon 11-Dec-17 09:26:55

Hi all,

This is my first post on netmums! I'm 28 and me and my other half have decided that the time is right for us to have a baby!
Today I stopped taking the pill cerelle! I just wondered how quick people got pregnant after stopping cerelle and wondered whether anyone got pregnant before their first period? X

PCMcutlery123 Mon 11-Dec-17 09:37:10

Good luck Money but you are on mumsnet not the other one grin

Blahblahblahzeeblah Mon 11-Dec-17 09:40:30

You can't predict your future on other people's success or otherwise at becoming pregnant right away.
Indeed, my first born happened the first time we tried. My next pregnancy took 2 years of ovulation tracking and sex every couple of days.
I do wish you luck but there's nothing anyone can say that will make it happen sooner!

Katsanddogs Mon 11-Dec-17 10:19:04

Hi money.
Wishing you luck.
It's absolutely possible. I fell pregnant immediately after stopping cerelle but unfortunately had a mc.
Hope it's speedy for you.

Jessybear90 Mon 11-Dec-17 18:34:43

Took us three months. I know people who got pregnant from missing one pill.

I also know people who didn't get pregnant until 7 years down the line with many failed IVF attempts.

It really is a complete lottery.

Just try and be as healthy as you both can be that's all you can do. Good luck!

LifeOfRiley63 Mon 11-Dec-17 19:06:16

Good luck Money!
I came off Cerelle after 3 years on it and still not had a period after 7+ weeks! Also been tracking my ovulation and not had one positive yet. My ovaries must still be waking up from retirement!

TheIntrovertedMum Mon 11-Dec-17 19:19:33

Hey @Moneypenny89 I stopped taking noriday (which is another mini pill) on 14th November and I'm just finishing my first proper period since being off it.

I'm hoping to conceive this month as I'm hoping my progesterone levels will still be high from the mini pill blush wishful thinking I'm sure but a girl can hope! I'm also hoping it will be fast too as I only had my dd last October!

It sucks there's no set time line with TTC but only time will tell. Patience and calmness!!

PennyMay89 Mon 11-Dec-17 21:33:18

Thank you everyone for your messages! It really does seem like a lottery! I've been reading lots of articles, posts and apps and I guess it's different for each person!
I feel like ever since me and my other half decided to have a baby, it's on my mind a lot. I'm just going to try and relax and go with everything x

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