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Help! Is this a positive!

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daisy2408 Sat 09-Dec-17 09:24:38

Me and my partner can both see a slight line! Not sure if image is clear but can anyone else see it?

CheapSausagesAndSpam Sat 09-Dec-17 09:27:21

I can see one pregnant would you be? It looks like a faint positive.

daisy2408 Sat 09-Dec-17 09:31:08

I am only 10dpo so would only be a few week! I really hope it is!!! Thank you CheapSausagesandSpam xx

unicorncow Sat 09-Dec-17 09:44:54

@daisy2408 I see a second line! Try a first response test I'm sure it will show clearer, good luck

DailyMaileatmyshit Sat 09-Dec-17 21:10:25

At 10dpo I'd say that's a clear positive. Try another in a day or two.

daisy2408 Mon 11-Dec-17 13:34:56

It was a positive! Over the moon!!!

CheapSausagesAndSpam Mon 11-Dec-17 21:10:47

Aw .....congratulations! There's a lovely Christmas present for you.x

Gem173 Mon 11-Dec-17 21:47:29

@daisy2408 congratulations ! Did you do anything differently this cycle that you could reccomend ?

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