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BBT chart help please...

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ClarrieWhite Thu 07-Dec-17 22:56:16

Hi! It is my first month charting my BBT and I wondered if any experienced charters could look at my chart so far and say if all looks ok? Do I need to worry about such large temp fluctuations before ovulation?


Cakelaur Fri 08-Dec-17 20:28:55

All looks good. And FF has picked up ovulation. You have a nice clear temp spike. Just make sure you’re taking temps before doing anything at the same time each morning. It’s a bit of a pain but you do get used to it. Now you’re in your TTW don’t worry about minor fluctuations. Look at general pattern. You’ll begin to see a rough pattern once you’ve done it for a few months. Good luck! 🤞 this is your month!!! X

ClarrieWhite Fri 08-Dec-17 23:37:30

Brilliant, thanks for looking Cake and for the advice - it is much appreciated. I am getting better at remembering to take it before I do anything else, so hopefully that will stop some of those big fluctuations pre-ovulation. Xx

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