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Faint Positive or evap line?

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AngelBeans Thu 07-Dec-17 19:05:10

Hi ladies,

So I've been checking tests after the time limit as I'm on the hunt for evap lines. Sounds bizarre, but I want to k ow what they look like.

Anyway, checked my test from two fays ago a few hours later and was still blank. Then yesterday's test has a VERY faint blue line a few hours later. Today's test also has a blue line a few hours later, still faint bit much clearer than yesterday - no squinting required. It's funny that they're getting darker each day, bit not appearing within 10 minutes. What does it mean?

Owlpatrol Thu 07-Dec-17 23:35:35

Hiya well you should only accept the tests results after the time limit and apparently not to back to them. So I'd wait wait 2 days then test again with fmu and see again

AngelBeans Fri 08-Dec-17 08:52:32

I'm wondering if its a glitch with clear blue tests, might switch to first response just in case. hmm

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