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TTC and horse riding. Opinions

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CRZ1988 Thu 07-Dec-17 15:32:05

Hi ladies, i know I've started a couple of threads so apologies in advance for another...blush

Basically I have been an on and off rider for quite a few years and wondered if anyone else stopped riding whilst TTC or if you carried on.

Now I know that TTC can be a lengthy process meaning that it might be ages before getting back in the saddle but I do a fair bit of jumping and cantering about and should I fall off whilst TTC and in the very early (too early to POAS) stages I wouldnt want to risk any little bean.

Advise please....

QueenAravisOfArchenland Thu 07-Dec-17 17:08:40

In the first trimester a foetus would be tucked well inside your pelvis anyway. If you're trying, you're gonna know you're pregnant long before any fall would be a threat to the pregnancy.

Pandoraphile Thu 07-Dec-17 19:41:46

I rode until 6 months - but they were my own horses so I knew them inside out. I think better safe than sorry in this case.

DT2016 Thu 07-Dec-17 21:38:19

I think riding whilst ttc is fine, but I will stop when/if I get a BFP. I have ridden a handful of times during early pregnancy previously, but honestly didn't feel it was worth the risk, even though I know and trust my horse. Everyone is different though, you have to make your own call. I just knew I'd never forgive myself if something awful happened. Pretty sure my mare knew, she never put a foot wrong, not even a spook on the rare occasion I did ride!

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