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Is this a really faint positive or am I just going mad?

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Brynndle Thu 07-Dec-17 14:36:01

Day 3 of missed period. Using a supposed early pregnancy test but it's a cheap one off eBay with no brand so who knows.

LapinR0se Thu 07-Dec-17 14:37:12

I SEe a faint line but would expect it to be much darker on day 3 of a missed period.

MimpiDreams Thu 07-Dec-17 14:39:01

Yep, I see a line and I don't usually on these threads. Plus I haven't even got my glasses on.


Brynndle Thu 07-Dec-17 23:36:25

Could it be an evaporation line?

stopbeingadramallama Thu 07-Dec-17 23:39:30

I see the line

Halebeke425 Thu 07-Dec-17 23:39:33

That is a line, mine were really faint with youngest. Get yourself a decent test. Congrats!

whyhastherumgone Thu 07-Dec-17 23:40:50

i see a line. Would expect it to be a bit darker by day three of missed period though? Maybe try a different brand of test

CherriesInTheSnow Thu 07-Dec-17 23:48:27

With my second pregnancy I got decent lines a couple of days after my missed period (which are like clockwork so knew the expected day pretty certainly) on those cheap strip tests, got DH to go out and get a different type of test and he brought back one of the normal tests (that look like yours) but a cheap generic brand that they sold in the local co op.

The line was much fainter than the even cheaper strip tests and even remained that way the next morning when I did the second one in the pack. I was very much pregnant and DS is now 3 weeks old halo

Obviously you will want to double check with a more reliable test but I'm going to offer a tentative congratulations flowers

Brynndle Fri 08-Dec-17 00:06:39

Thank you everyone! I did a few more tests, all very very faint lines but have ordered a digital one for tomorrow. Here's a pic of one I just did now. (Original picture and edited picture to try and see the line better)

DailyMaileatmyshit Fri 08-Dec-17 07:02:51

They are positive

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