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Hot tub in 2WW

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coffeeplastic Thu 07-Dec-17 09:53:28

I just wanted to gather some thoughts and opinions!

My lovely hubby has booked us a romantic break in a log cabin. Open log fire, nice and remote, and our very own hot tub. However I know that hot tubs and hot baths are very much a no-no during pregnancy due to the high temperatures being bad for the developing baby.

But I was wondering what you ladies feel about hot tubs in the 2WW? There are a lot of things I don't worry about too much until a BFP - I'm in the drink until it's pink camp, still enjoying coffee etc. But hot tub seems maybe a bit more risky? I will be 7 to 11 dpo during the trip, so right around the time implantation would be occurring. But is there really any risk before you're actually pregnant? What can it affect?

I think I'm leaning towards staying out of it (maybe just dangling my legs, or a few quick 5 minute dips). Because even if I was 99% sure it was fine, that little "what if?" might bother me too much if it was another BFN this month! It is a shame though, he's got to so much effort and I'd feel a little bit guilty not taking advantage, so if everyone tells me I'm being too over-cautious maybe I will change my mind?

I would be very interested in everyone's thoughts on the matter!

demirose87 Thu 07-Dec-17 09:58:39

I wouldn't worry about things like this until you find out for definite that you are pregnant. Even if you do find you're pregnant I can't see it doing any harm. You can't put your life on hold while ttc.

mummyG2C Thu 07-Dec-17 17:18:19

Hi I wouldn't worry to much to be honest I have a hot tub at home and it is set at 37.5 degrees which is body temperature and have used it all through pregnancy. With my first we went to a log cabin with one for babymoon I was 35 weeks and we just asked them to turn it down/did it ourselves to 37.5 degrees so is just body temp. Just don't go in for too long one cycle of bubbles normally 20/30mins is enough and if you feel light headed or anything get out but I have always used them pregnant and when TTC as have members of my family and we have never had any issues as long as it's set at a sensible temperature. The baths you give birth in are suppose to be 37.5 and you wouldn't notice that temp as being extremely hot if you got in a bath that temp.

coffeeplastic Fri 08-Dec-17 08:13:49

Thank you for your responses, you've put my mind at ease quite a lot. I think I will enjoy the hot tub while we're there! And just make sure I'm being sensible with making sure I don't overheat.

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