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Symptoms of early pregnancy

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Mariamamjad Wed 06-Dec-17 23:09:29

I am 3 days late, 4 tomorrow. I am not actively ttc but would be overjoyed if I was to be pregnant. The last 2 days I feeling exhausted and whilst i was out today on bus i felt really nauseous as well as first thing in the morning. A couple days ago when I was only 1 day late I woke up early hours of morning feeling a bit damp to thought my period had come but it hadn't and as I got up I leaked a bit of watery discharge, I k ow this as it was sweet smell, so was just wondering if you could tell me what was your early symptoms of pregnancy, I will be taking a test next week if it hasn't come by then x

Seahorsesandunicorns Thu 07-Dec-17 02:32:02

Hiya Maria, certainly tiredness is the biggest symptom I experienced alongside excessive sickness but mine is due to hyperemis so is extreme due to that condition. You are very strong for not crumbling before now to test, I would of been climbing the walls!! Hope it's the outcome you wish for xx

Mariamamjad Thu 07-Dec-17 09:47:12

I couldn't wait and took a test. I was convinced it would be negative, but I'm pregnant, according to an app I'm 5 weeks and my due date is my son's birthday 🙈😂😂

Seahorsesandunicorns Thu 07-Dec-17 16:47:09

Fantastic news!! What a strong BFP too!! Huge expensive congratulations to you xx

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