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Can you Take hot baths when TTC possibly BFP ?

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Praisebe Wed 06-Dec-17 01:19:19

Hi all
Title says it all really but im afraid of taking my usual hot bubble baths because it could harm my ovaries and a possible pregnancy
Im about 10 days away from testing still but don't want to risk having a hot bath at all since i read online it can be harmful to raise your temp

SoozC Wed 06-Dec-17 08:07:18

Well I had a hot bath about 6 days before getting my bfp, around 8dpo. I later miscarried but I'm sure the two events are unrelated.

Maybe put more cold in than usual?

Bubblegum89 Wed 06-Dec-17 08:17:36

Yes you can. Maybe if you’re worried, don’t have one that’s scalding hot.

Praisebe Wed 06-Dec-17 08:32:46

I usually have it scalding hot but ive been having tepid baths the past few days its just not the same though so ill have a hot one tonight.
We've been TTC for 2yrs with 2 MCs so im constantly cautious

Bubblegum89 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:25:35

I’m not sure how scientifically accurate the whole not taking a hot bath thing is, not read up on it myself. I have scalding hot baths as well. I have been pregnant twice and hot baths have never been an issue. I would maybe do the same as you would with anything else, like drinking alcohol. Assume that you and do it until you get a positive pregnancy test and then stop? Sorry to hear about your MC’s flowers

Lifeofpies Wed 06-Dec-17 10:51:36

It’s about not raising your core body temp too much. Explanation here
Worth bringing the temp down a little, esp in the first trimester.

Lifeofpies Wed 06-Dec-17 10:52:10

So sorry about the mc, praisebe

Praisebe Wed 06-Dec-17 13:52:02

Ill keep having my usual baths just a little cooler then.
My main worry is that a hot bath each night is what caused my MCs but that doesn't appear to be the case

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