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Could I be pregnant with symptoms this early???

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penny567 Tue 05-Dec-17 13:19:41

I am only on day 16 of my cycle, my last period was pretty normal apart from not having any stomach cramps, on day 1 I can't move, but last month I was fine, an then 2 or 3 day after my period I started feeling sick on an off all day for a wk, it's starting to ease off a bit past few days, I also keep getting sharpe twinges low down now and again, my boobs fill a bit tight now and again aswell! I just feel different but I don't no if I'm just imaging all of this, that I'm paying too much attention to every lil thin my body is feeling.
Common sense is telling me no I can't b pregnant, I've been feeling like this just 3 days after period so there's no way I could of caught that early! (My cycle is normally between 27 -29 days) am I just wishful thinking?!! I haven't said anything to anyone and it's all just goin round in my head making me crazy! Can any of u lovely clever ladies give me any advice?

Bubblegum89 Tue 05-Dec-17 13:53:24

If you’re on day 16 (assuming you’ve already ovulated) then it will be PMS. Progesterone mimics pregnancy symptoms and they can vary month to month. Some months you can have no symptoms, some you’ll have loads, some you’ll have symptoms you’ve not had before. I would say you will have ovulated around day 14-15 and so would only be a few days past ovulation, 3dpo tops so there’s no way they can be pregnant symptoms as implantation doesn’t even happen until around 7dpo

penny567 Wed 06-Dec-17 12:00:35

I guess it's just wishful thinking then. Thank u for your response x

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