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Which Fertility/Ovulation tracker do you use?

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HaveCourageBeKind Tue 05-Dec-17 09:35:55

I have been using Flo and just recently downloaded Fertility Friend and they are showing different dates for ovulation etc... I put the same details in both so was just wondering if you found an app that's really accurate or even you believe helped you with TTC? Thanks xXx

Foreverretro Tue 05-Dec-17 09:54:27

I use Flo, Ovia and Fertility Friend alongside each other at the moment. I’m about to ovulate today hopefully (according to an OPK) and Fertility Friend was the closest of the three (it estimated yesterday).

I’m quite impressed with Fertility Friend to be honest, my cycles haven’t been regular since I had my coil removed so it’s done well to get that close.

Flo is the least accurate of the 3 for me - it expected me to ovulate last Monday and now I’ve put my OPK in it’s telling me that AF isn’t due until 23rd December...

HaveCourageBeKind Tue 05-Dec-17 10:04:10

ohhh that's interesting.... I like the look of Flo (I'm a sucker for pretty design hehe) but it's good to know that FF may actually be the one I need to use...

I have a few OPK tests left so I will start testing after my period is over to see which one is closer. I only started properly tracking last month so we will see what happens this month.

Foreverretro Tue 05-Dec-17 10:12:46

Yeah Flo is definitely the prettiest! Its a shame it doesn’t seem to be as accurate, though maybe with regular cycles it works better?

It’s my third cycle of tracking now but only my second with Fertility Friend - apparently that’s the app that doctors recommend using as well to predict ovulation, or so I’ve read!

I start using OPKs around day 8/9... though I am now on CD19 so ovulating quite late this month!

Good luck 😊

Pannacott Tue 05-Dec-17 10:29:55

Fertility friend is great, do the early morning temperature thing and you will definitely get to know your ovulation cycle well. It's very satisfying to get the red line grin

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